Sanctuary Students and Seven Seas Worldwide

Making it easy for you to store your stuff between any Semester!

Seven Seas Worldwide is proud to work with Sanctuary Students.

We work with students every year, offering great storage and shipping solutions across the globe!                             

Find out more about our student shipping services...


What will our prices include?

  • Specially reinforced packing boxes (61x51x41cm & 51cmx41cmx31cm), bubble wrap and tape delivered to you
  • Timed delivery and collection door to door
  • 24/7 help with a multi-lingual team: Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai & English
  • Easy Online services
  • Student storage door to door: transparent quote; arrange for empty boxes and packaging, book collection and then, when you want, contact us pay the balance and have your possessions returned
  • Excess baggage, door to door: transparent quote, arrange for empty boxes and packaging, book collection, then pay for Shipping, track your shipment to the destination, pay for Destination charges and receive your possessions back

Here's a quick illustrated guide to what Seven Seas Worldwide can do for any student on the move:


  • We deliver our brand new, specially treated boxes directly to you, so you can pack your things in your own time
  • You then give us a call or log into your online account and book the collection of your packed boxes
  • Next we'll collect your items and take them to a secure, storage location of ours nearest to you until you need it back
  • Items we do accept: Suitcases, Bicycles, Guitars, Chairs, etc
  • Items we do not accept: Loose items or items in bin bags

What happens when you need your things back?

  • Just give us a call or log in again and we'll drop your stuff back to you wherever you are - halls, a new house or even a different uni!


Get your up-to-date price today by simply clicking on any of the Get Quote buttons on this page. Simple.


We operate our own nationwide network of depots, vehicles and drivers, no third-party contractors.

We have our own international network: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

Note: No item should have a weight of greater than 30kg / 66lbs / 11,111 ping pong balls