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Seven Seas Worldwide have joined forces with the mighty Cardiff Volleyball team for the new season. The partnership was announced earlier this month when our sales team met with team president Tim Erskine.

Seven Seas Worldwide has long been the first choice of students throughout the world and this sponsorship deal between ourselves and Cardiff University Volleyball Team serves to highlight our continued support for students as they move all over the globe, from student accommodation to shared apartments to the family home.

Earlier this month Oliver Smith, a member of the Seven Seas Worldwide sales team, dropped in on the mighty Cardiff Uni Volleyball team and its president Tim Erskine to confirm the deal. 'This is a great move forward for Seven Seas and one which we hope helps cement our position as the first choice of students all over the UK. I look forward to working with the team here and I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for their results in the future. I'm now a committed Cardiff Uni fan.'

If you want to use our services and you want to help support the team, get a free quote now via this page, and ask about our £10 discount!

Watch how are Baggage Worldwide service works:

We're here for every eventuality during your time as a student whether you're moving into shared accommodation, taking a gap year or travelling back to see the folks. We have a global shipping network to take care of all sorts of removals from excess baggage to the contents of a house. Take a look at our video below and see what Seven Seas Worldwide can do for you.