Buy Packing Materials

These are the materials necessary for packing the range of items you have in your household.

Bubble Wrap (300mm x 100m) - This is the most essential packing material when packing your possessions because it protects against impact and scratching. However, be careful because it is known for bubble wrap to react with some varnishes leaving a set of circles on the surface (where the bubbles were pressed against the wood). Therefore when you are using bubble wrap with anything wooden, wrap the item in a sheet, towel or even newspaper, before applying the bubble wrap. The only other protective wrapping material you can use that is just as effective (and free), is your own clothing!

Void Fill Packaging - This should only be used when packing a fragile item within a box. It is also essential that the box be filled as much a possible with the Void Fill to provide a tight, enclosed environment for the fragile item. If the Void Fill is loose then the fragile item will often “migrate” to the bottom of the box where it can be damaged. Void Fill and its fragments get everywhere so if you are packing a TV, place the TV into a bag first.

Plastic Bag to Cover TV in Box - Fragments of Void Fill can be in danger of filling up any cracks or slots in the body of a TV. Sometimes the fragments can intrude into the electronic boards at the back of the TV. For this reason, our plastic bag is a useful precaution. It can also be used to wrap small pictures encased in sheets of glass.

Removal Blanket - This is the other really essential packing material when packing furniture. The blanket is inert, so don't worry about leaving any marks on wood (see 'bubble wrap' above). Simply wrap the blanket around the item of furniture and then wrap brown tape around it to hold the blanket in place. It really is as simple and flexible as that.

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