Buy Furniture Covers

These items protect your fabric or leather. They will protect your chairs, sofa or couch from the common hazards of moving such as dirty finger marks and contact with walls. Also very handy if you are painting and decorating.

Armchair Covers - Whether you're moving home or just putting your armchairs in storage during a period of decluttering/decorating, this cover will give them the maximum protection from stains, marks and tears.

Three Seater Couch/Sofa Cover - Ideal protection for your sofa as you move it from A to B.

Two Seater Couch/Sofa Cover - Same as above really, but a little smaller. Protects from all sorts of scuffs and scratches.

Washing Machine/Dryer Cover - This cover will protect either machine from scratches, dents and damage to the controls as they are relocated or put into storage. Please remember to drain the pipes into the washing machine before you move it or you will end up with a watery mess on the floor. Also certain types of dryer condense water into a reservoir which should also be emptied before moving. You do not want water on the tiled floor where it can cause a hazard or over carpets where it can stain.

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