Buy Boxes

These packing boxes are specially made for Seven Seas Worldwide to meet our exacting requirements. It is not an idle boast to say you will not find a better box anywhere, they are simply not produced for anyone else but us!

Standard Box - Or a 'Book Box'. Designed for the compact, heavier items such as books.

Large Box - Or as it used to be called a 'Tea Chest' or 'Clothes Box', designed for lighter, larger items such as clothes, bed linen, towels, that sort of thing.

Bicycle Box - This should be used to pack your bicycle. It will take all sizes (except a tandem) but you will need to partially dismantle your bicycle. Please see our video for details. By following our guidelines, it will make it easier for you to store or move and provides excellent protection.

Golf Box - This should be used to pack your set of golf clubs and their bag. It will take all sizes except the caddy – the one with the wheels – not the gentleman who pulls it (we tried but there were complaints).

Guitar Box Large - This should be used for the guitar case that houses classical or acoustic guitars. It will protect the outer-covering of the guitar case from the wear and tear associated with storing or moving.

Guitar Box Small - This should be used for the guitar that comes without a case or is housed in a soft bag. However if we're being honest, you should probably go out and buy a hard case for your guitar. They're not expensive and give much more protection than a soft bag ever will. 

Ski Box - This should be used for one pair of skis with bindings, with or without a bag of their own. This is an absolutely essential box for protecting your skis as they're transported from A to B.

Snowboard Box - This should be used for one snowboard with bindings. You can fit in your jacket as well which can be wrapped around the snowboard. However do not try to wedge in the shoes and helmet. You're going to need a Large or Standard box for those.

Surfboard Box - This should be used for one surfboard with an overall length of less than 2 metres. If you could remove the fin too, that would be great. You can also pack your wetsuit with the surfboard as there should be sufficient space in the box.

Wardrobe Box - This should be used for those items you prefer not to fold and pack in a Large Box such as business suits, shirts. skirts, etc.

We're here to help with all your requirements when buying boxes and packaging with Seven Seas Worldwide. Buy your packaging online now or get in touch for free on 0800 21 66 98 to find out how we can help you.