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These items will assist you as you complete the packing process.

Brown Tape Roll - Each roll is 60 metres long of high quality packing tape which allows you to seal up your boxes and hold wrapping into place. They are an essential component for anyone packing up their possessions.

Budget Tape Gun - Do you know what takes the most time when packing? Finding the end on a roll of tape. Honestly. Someone did a survey or something. Anyway the budget tape gun is for those who waste precious moments picking at the edge. Applying tape to boxes, bags, bubble wrap and removal blankets is incredibly straightforward with this gun. For a more robust offering, we recommend its big brother, the “Pistol Grip Tape Gun”. See below.

Marker Pen - You simply can't move home without the odd marker pen or two, though we should say that we're not big fans of customers writing the entire contents of the box on the outside of the box. That really should be left clear for your name, address and job reference number. (Please do make a list of which items are inside which box, just don't write it down on the actual box. Thank you.)

Measuring Tape - As the name suggests, this a tape with which you measure things. But what you may not know is that whether you send your possessions by air or sea, the volume (length x width x height) is crucial in working out the costs incurred. Therefore we recommend you measure everything you're sending. 

Pistol Grip Tape Gun - A more robust version of our budget tape gun mentioned above, should you wish to use it multiple times.

Traffic Cone - This allows a space to be created on the street for a vehicle to be unloaded of items outside your property (such as a trailer for a MoveCube). Please note: You may need to obtain legal permission for parking a trailer or a skip on the street. 

Trolley - This allows you to move around the heavier items without injury. Whether you're packing to move or store, a trolley can be very useful for simply moving the more weighty items from A to B.

We're here to help with all your requirements when buying packing accessories with Seven Seas Worldwide. Buy your packing accessories online now or get in touch for free on 0800 21 66 98 to find out how we can help you.