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Things you need to know when shipping to India

To import personal effects into India, log into your Seven Seas Worldwide account and complete the following online documents:

  • An inventory packing list — accurately detailing every item your shipment contains.
  • Copies of invoices for electrical and electronic goods. Please be aware that all electronics and electrical items, whether new or used, are subject to 38.5% duty.
  • Optional insurance to protect your belongings in the rare case a mishap occurs.
  • Customs forms for the clearance of your shipment into India.

Two weeks before the vessel transporting your shipment arrives in India, our agent, Awatac Logistics Pvt Ltd, will email you a set of import documents. Our agent will have filled in the relevant information on the forms, but you must print and sign them.

Then, contact the BlueDart courier company and arrange for them to deliver these documents AND the shipment owner's passport to our agent's office. The courier costs roughly INR500 and is to be paid by yourself. Once customs clearance is complete, our agent will arrange for another BlueDart courier to return your passport.

Please get in touch if you require assistance during this process — our friendly multilingual team are always on hand to help and advise!

things you need to know for the republic of ireland
Did you know?

In India, there are three plug types C, D and M. As it's unsafe to use adaptors for long periods, and there's a 38.5% duty on all electronics imported into the country, you might want to reconsider shipping these items.

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How our shipping to India process works

After you've completed the online documentation and paid the remainder of your shipping charges, we will ship your belongings to India. Please note that you must be present in the country when it arrives.

Then, your shipment will be discharged to Bangalore ICD for customs clearance. As mentioned above, two weeks before your goods arrive in India, our agent, Awatac Logistics Pvt Ltd, will email you a set of completed import documents.

To ensure clearance, you must print and sign these forms and send them along with the shipment owner's passport by BlueDart courier to our agent's office.

Also, any electronic items (irrespective of how old or used they are) will be subject to 38.5% duty at the discretion of the customs officer.

During the customs process, all MoveCube® containers are opened for inspection. Once clearance is granted, our local agent will contact you to arrange the delivery of your shipment. Expected delivery to your shipment's destination address is a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks.

Due to labour unions and different state laws, our agent cannot assist with unloading the MoveCube®, so please ask friends and family to help or make arrangements locally.

Prohibited goods

We make importing into India simple. See our Prohibited Goods page for a comprehensive list of items you cannot send and any service-based restrictions.

This page was last updated on 8th June 2023.

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