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Student storage: 3 top tips for storing your belongings

We understand that as students you’ll face a lot of drama in your lives, balancing tricky assignments, a social life, your health and independence on a day-to-day basis so, the last thing you need is additional concerns about moving come the end of the term. It's the unavoidable logistical headache to round off a stressful period.

However, as the summer semester emerges on the horizon, you're going to have to think about where your stuff is going to go for that awkward period between moving out of student halls or house into a new place. Luckily, we know a thing or two about prioritising so here are our 3 top tips.

    1. Declutter

If you've accumulated one too many items during your study time such as framed film posters, wristbands from your big night out, freebies from fresher’s fair, hefty academia books, random ornaments or that acoustic guitar you said you were going to learn, you're going to need to make a pile of keep or throw out/donate- Marie Kondo style.

Now, we don't know your parents, but we're going to hazard a guess they don't want their houses filled with clutter - and let's face it, neither do you. So, our advice is to sort through your belongings, bearing in mind your seasonal items such as, your summer wardrobe and all the items you will definitely need during the summer. The rest can be put into storage or a charity shop near you. 


    2. Packing and preparing for storage

Obviously, there are the basics when packing for storage – don’t overload your boxes, evenly distribute your stuff, wrap things carefully, etc etc. – but we thought it is worth pointing out the things that might not immediately spring to mind.  

  • Firstly, don’t exceeded the maximum weight allowance of 30kg. The best thing to do would be to weigh them on your bathroom scales at home. If you stand on the scales holding the box, all you need to do is subtract your own weight from the total. There’s a handy tip for you. Most storage companies, like us, will have a weight limit for each box of 30kg or less.
  • If you’re packing any fragile items remember to wrap them safely or surround them with softer things such as bed linen, towels &/or lots of bubble wrap.
  • Pack items like TVs and PCs into their original packaging before putting them into one of our boxes. If you don’t have the original packaging, then try your best to give them some kind of protection inside the boxes.
  • If you have any large items that cannot fit inside the boxes just give us a quick call for advice.
  • Put all important admin stuff such as passport, academic certificates and accommodation documents into one box - and label it. Also, it's a good idea to put all your devices, leads, adaptors and memory sticks together in one specific box with a label too. Find our how to pack page here.

Once you've decided what to take and what to store and successfully packed your items into sturdy cardboard boxes, it's time to start shopping around for a good deal on student storage.


    3. Finding a good student storage deal

Now there is a lot of diabolical companies out there that charge a fortune or double in price for what is essentially an empty space, so be wise and shop around for bargains and student discounts for storage.

And talking of a good deal on student storage, may we throw our hat into the ring? Seven Seas Worldwide has introduced a revolutionary approach to storage whereby we can come to your front door to collect your goods instead of you overloading your car or renting a van to transport your stuff to a storage unit. With Seven Seas Worldwide, you'd never have to visit a storage facility again. Think about that for a moment.

And, because we are grateful of all our student customers and understand their concerns, our services start from just 19p per day, £1.30 per week per box up to 30kg. Along with this, we supply you with our specially made boxes, so you don’t have buy or find flimsy ones from the supermarket, as well as parcel tape and plenty of bubble wrap. And for the cherry on top, we are offering £25 off your student storage!


In a nutshell

Our major benefit is that we can collect, store and then redeliver your goods at a time that’s convenient for you. It’s kind of like a chauffeur service for your belongings. No need for you to turn up at our storage facility with a van - we come to you. We can also store as much or as little as you want from excess luggage to the contents of your student accommodation. So, what do you think? See for yourself how much you can save by starting your quote online or giving us a call for further advice.

Student storage discount conditions:

  1. This Special Offer ends 11:59pm, June 2nd, 2019
  2. Discount is automatically applied at the checkout stage online. If booking via the call centre, please quote the discount code: Student Storage Offer 19
  3. The Special Offer is applicable for storage customers that:
  4. Pay the deposit BEFORE June 3rd, 2019
  5. Have a minimum of THREE of our LARGE BOXES or the equivalent volume (0.381mᵌ)
  6. Store for a minimum period of TWELVE WEEKS

(*19p per day per standard box)

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