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Using your own boxes

Thank you for using our service. Firstly, we’d like to say that we’re happy for you to send packed suitcases. When they arrive at our depot, we will place them into our specialist boxes to protect them on their journey.

We strongly recommend that you use our free boxes to pack anything else. That’s because we believe our boxes to be the best. If our ‘Large’ packing box was put this together and stood upright empty, it would not crumple or tear. Your boxes need to be as strong to transport your items safely. If they’re not as strong as ours, then we ask you to reconsider.

If you are proceeding with the collection then, please read the email that we sent to you and print the Return Labels that are attached, one of these must be put on each box that you have packed. These labels must be securely fastened to all the boxes you want collected before the day of the driver’s arrival.

Your boxes should be sealed with parcel tape and packed tightly so nothing rattles around inside. Your job number and name should be on at least one side of each box. The numbering on the box must match the online documentation you have completed for us.

Please ensure that all your boxes are ready for collection on the ground floor of the property when the driver arrives on the day of collection For Health and Safety reasons the driver cannot enter your private property – only up to areas accessible to the public. Please do not leave your packed boxes unattended. If you cannot be there yourself, ask a member of the family or a friend to stand in.