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The insurance process

If you have not completed your online documentation, please do so. Otherwise, we cannot ship your possessions. If you want to hold your shipment for a period before sending, then you still need to provide the documentation - free storage is only offered on the basis of completed documents. When completing the documentation online, you will be presented with the option to select insurance.

We strongly recommend you take out insurance: ‘Basic’ insurance is the cheapest. We do our very best to ensure our service runs smoothly but we cannot account for accidents at sea for example so it’s always best to take out insurance. Thankfully incidents of this nature are extremely rare.

We cannot progress your shipment without the documentation, so if your shipment is delayed while we wait for you to complete the documentation then a daily storage charge will be applied until they are ready. 

Once everything is complete you will receive an invoice which you can pay online. If during the next few weeks your destination address changes then please tell us as soon as possible. There is a charge if you change your address once your shipment has arrived because we have to resubmit that detail to customs.