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Packing information

You have the boxes. Great. So here’s what happens next.

Packing instructions are printed on each box; the maximum weight is 30kg for all boxes, travel bags and suitcases. If you opted for the Air service then be aware that the price you have been quoted is based on 26kg for the Large and 13kg for the Standard. 30kg maximum weight is for the driver’s protection.

For air services, do not pack any fluids, gels, creams, batteries or anything else from our concise list of prohibited items that we provide. Remember the removal of prohibited items will be costly for you and will delay the shipment. We will usually provide you with more boxes in case you are left short but don’t worry, there is no charge for them if you do not use them. Simply place unused boxes inside the plastic bag they arrived in, reseal it and hand them to the driver during collection (the unused boxes must be in the same condition that they were delivered of course!).

If you cannot pick up the box once it has been packed then it’s probably over 30kg. Try using bathroom scales to give you an idea. The driver will politely but firmly refuse to collect overweight boxes and that means you will need to arrange another collection, which is chargeable, so please check the weight first time.

Whilst packing, please log into your dashboard on our website and complete the online documentation. Don’t forget to include the contents of anything you have already packed.

You can book the collection online; if you will not be available your shipment, then please tells us who will. In the Driver Notes, select “Other” from the dropdown and enter the name and mobile/cell number of the person who will be present.