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Emailing attachments

As you are probably aware by now, you will need to send us an email with shipping documents and passport photocopies attached. Here's a quick guide to how to get this right first time.

Subject Line: It is vital that you are very careful with the subject line. Please enter only your job reference number and nothing else. If you add an incorrect job reference number (or mistype the number) and that job exists, the images you upload will be applied to that existing job.

Subject Usage: Let’s say the number assigned to the job is 000/234/567: Simply add 234567 as the subject. If the job you are uploading is a variation such as ‘000/234/567/A’ or ‘000/234/567/B’ for instance, then all you need to type is the 234567. Letters, extra characters and slashes should not be added.

Attachments: All images should be attached. Never embedded. This means no images placed in the body of the email like the image below. Attached images can be in the following formats: jpg, bmp, gif, png. Do not add PDFs, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets or anything else as they will not be processed.

All images should be via a source such as your phone and not through SharePoint links or URLS or anything similar. Images should not be resized. Our program correctly resizes all images. The same goes for image rotation. Multiple images must not be larger than 10MB together.

It is fine to send multiple emails if necessary.

Body: Do not put a message to the call centre staff in the body of the email, they will not see it. The inbox that receives this email exists only to process the images you attach. Always create a separate email when trying to reach a specific person.

Problems: Should the program detect a problem, it will try to interpret it and notify you via email. The most common problems with the subject heading are listed below.

1. The heading is blank

2. The heading contains ‘Re:’ or something similar

3. The job reference number has more than 6 characters

4. The heading contains information that is unrelated to the number

The most common problems with the images and attachments are listed below.

1. The images are missing

2. The images have been embedded

3. The attachments are not the required images