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Making A Delivery Via Our Partners

One of our partner companies will be making the delivery and we are unable to provide you a time when to expect the boxes to arrive. So please do not call and ask, we love to hear from you but we will not be able to help you with a time.

We would ideally prefer to deliver to you or your nominee, unless you specifically ask we will not leave your shipment unattended. If possible please request a friend, neighbour or family member to wait in - just let us know who!

First, check the address is complete and correct and also, if you will not be in, then please tells us who will be present. It’s really easy, in the Driver Notes, select “Other” from the dropdown and enter the name and mobile/cell number of the person who will receive your shipment in your absence.

If we arrive to deliver your shipment and no arrangements have been made for anyone to receive it, then the driver will retain your shipment. I am sorry but this is to ensure the safe delivery of your possessions.