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Collection of your boxes by our partners

One of our partner companies will be making the collection. Therefore we are unable to give you a precise time to expect the collection of your items. 

The space in our partner’s vans is limited so even if you can only provide a best guess, please let us know the number of items to collect at least 24 hours before the day of collection. If you end up with more boxes than you had told us, please be aware that we may not have enough space in the van, which will mean the scheduling of another collection.

Your boxes should be sealed with tape and packed tight so nothing rattles around inside. Your job number, name and destination address (if you know it) should be on at least one side of each box and bag. The numbering on the box, bag or suitcase must match the online documentation you have completed for us.

When expecting the driver, please ensure your shipment is waiting at the front door on the ground floor of your house or apartment building. If your building has a working lift the driver will come to your apartment door within the building for the collection. If your building does not have a working lift and you are unable to move the boxes, then call us and we will see what we can arrange for you. For Health and Safety reasons the driver cannot enter your private property – only those areas accessible to the public.

Please do not leave your packed boxes unattended. If you cannot be there yourself, ask a member of the family or a friend to stand in.