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Things you need to know when shipping to Singapore

You will need to log into your account in order to complete our online documentation which includes:

  • Inventory, recording the contents of your shipment;
  • Insurance to protect your shipment in case of mishap.
  • Customs forms for the clearance of your shipment into Singapore.

You will need to upload scans of your passport - the picture page, the signature page and if applicable, a copy of your visa, at the final stage of the process.

There are helpful pointers all throughout but you must be completely accurate with the information you enter as these forms will be presented to the authorities at the destination

Packing boxes

Importing your personal effects and household items

Your shipment of personal effects and household items can be imported duty-free if:

  1. You are a Non-Singapore citizen and you will need to:
    a. Provide a copy of both sides of Employment Pass card (EP) or Dependant Pass card (DP) or Long Term Visit Pass card (LTVP) or Student Pass card (SP) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or an In-Principal Approval letter from the Ministry showing you have an imminent job offer or letter stating your application status. Please note that all passes must be clearly scanned on both sides. If you have a pass approved by the MOM and have not yet received it, a letter of approval (with a visible FIN number) is acceptable.
    b. You must import your personal effects and household items within 6 months of Official Arrival for the shipment to enjoy GST Relief.
  2. You are a Singapore citizen or Permanent Residence and you will need to:
    a. Provide your Departure Date from Singapore whether on overseas assignment or overseas study and images of both sides of your overseas visa.
    b. Provide a copy of both sides of either your National Registration Identity Card (pink-coloured) or Permanent Residence ID (blue-coloured), and Current Re-Entry Permit (REP).
    c. You must have been overseas for a Minimum Period of 6 months to enjoy GST Relief.
  3. You must be in Singapore when your shipment of your personal effects and household items arrives. If you are a returning Singapore citizen you do not need to be in the country, but you must be able to provide your returned date to Singapore.
  4. You are a Singapore citizen who has been studying overseas you need to provide a copy of your Student ID – both sides or your Student Visa.

GST of 9% is levied on the total declared value on the customs form but the value can is still subject to custom approval based on the declared inventory items.

Import must be done within 6 months of arrival in Singapore otherwise GST will apply.

Prohibited goods

We make importing into Singapore simple. See our comprehensive list of items you cannot send to Singapore along with any service based restrictions.

This page was last updated on 3rd April 2024.

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