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Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built shipping boxes and materials provided

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted with your shipments for over 25 years

Delivery and collection

Pick your own dates for shipment delivery and collection

Free storage

Enjoy 2 weeks FREE storage before and after shipping


We handle the quarantine and customs clearance process

Trusted with your international shipments for over 25 years

Use Seven Seas Worldwide's fast, flexible and affordable door-to-door international shipping services to make sending boxes and baggage overseas a breeze. As we've been helping frequent flyers, expats, backpackers, and international students transport their possessions internationally for over a quarter of a century, all you need to do is pack your goods, and we'll handle the rest.

Whether it's sending surfboards to Australia, transporting textbooks to China, or flying furniture to the United Kingdom, we can do it all thanks to our extensive local knowledge and vast global network of depots. Combined with our friendly team of overseas shippers and quality purpose-built packing materials, it's easy to see why our international shipping company is one of the best in the country.

Our box shipping service makes sending belongings overseas simple

It's only natural to feel apprehensive about sending your personal belongings overseas, which is why it's essential you choose an international shipping provider you can trust — like us! We help over 40,000 people a year transport their possessions across the globe using our vast network of depots, covering the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and many more major destinations.

Plus, we've designed our shipping process to be as seamless and straightforward as possible. Simply, get a free instant quote, decide which of our ultra-durable packing materials you need, place your order and choose a convenient date for us to pick up your shipment. Our team will collect the items from your door, and then, once you've completed the online documentation, they'll handle the rest, including customs clearance and delivery to their destination.

Here're just a few of the benefits of sending boxes and bags with Seven Seas Worldwide:

  • One point of communication: as we control our worldwide shipping network, we can promise you'll be speaking with us and only us during the whole process.
  • No hidden costs: we pride ourselves on our transparency, which is why our online quote tool provides a clear, itemised breakdown of the shipping services you require, so you can rest assured you won't get hit with any nasty extras at the end.
  • Track your shipment: when you place an order with us, you can track your shipment online and check on its travels, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • We arrange customs clearance: another perk of our international services is that we complete all quarantine and customs documentation to ensure your goods are granted entry into their destination country.


We help over 40,000 people a year transport their possessions across the globe using our vast network of depots, covering the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and many more destinations.

See our international shipping company in action:


Ship luggage and boxes overseas in 5 easy steps

Number one

Free online quick quote 
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty shipping boxes or MoveCube®, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll transport your shipment to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't take our word for it

Our customers love us!

Popular international shipping destinations we serve:

Our stress-free shipping services can help you send luggage, boxes, furniture and all manner of other personal items to countries around the world. Check out the guides below to learn more about the destination you wish to ship to, including customs information, details on restricted items and the best places to visit.

Protect your goods with our ultra-sturdy shipping boxes

To guarantee your possessions maximum security on their journey, we recommend adding plenty of our purpose-built shipping boxes to your order. While you can use your own containers (although please no bin liners, plastic storage boxes or laundry bags!), our boxes are manufactured to our exact specifications and made from double-walled, chemically-hardened cardboard to offer maximum protection during long overseas trips.

The two main box sizes we offer are Standard and Large (see below for their dimensions), but we also provide bespoke packaging for awkwardly shaped or exceptionally fragile items, such as TV screens, artwork and bicycles. However, if you're planning on shipping a considerable number of items or a few sizeable pieces, consider using a MoveCube® instead. Revolutionising the process of international shipping, the MoveCube® is entirely unique to Seven Seas Worldwide and, in essence, is your own personal shipping container that we deliver to your door for you to fill.


Women labeling boxes for international shipping


More about our purpose-built boxes for shipping

To ensure the safe transportation of your belongings overseas, we strongly advise our customers use durable containers, like the brand-new boxes we offer during the order process. Built from double-walled, chemically-hardened cardboard and designed to withstand rough seas and lots of handling, our packing materials are the best you'll find.

Do note, though, to keep yourselves and our drivers safe, we can't take any container weighing over 30kg/66lbs. Instead, please split the contents of heavy boxes between two containers and remember the golden rule of packing — you'll always need more boxes than you think. Here're the dimensions for the two most common sizes we provide:


Large cardboard shipping box

Large box

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Sports equipment
  • Clothes
  • Bedding 
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard box

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Files and papers
  • Books
  • Children's toys

Other specialist packing materials we supply:

Instead of travelling with bulky items in tow or paying exorbitant excess baggage fees, Seven Seas Worldwide's overseas cost-effective shipping services give you the freedom to send your belongings all over the world, no matter their size or shape. Alongside our Standard and Large cardboard boxes, we also provide the following bespoke packaging materials (all visuals are indicative) for goods that otherwise might be difficult to transport:


Adult and child shipping boxes for bikes

Bicycle boxes
Reinforced boxes for adult and child bikes, although they will require part dismantling.

Large box for international shipping

Large box
An ultra-sturdy shipping box that's best for bulky items like bedding and clothes.

Standard box for overseas shipping

Standard box
A smaller cardboard shipping box that's ideal for files, books and children's toys.

Bubble wrap for international shipping

Bubble wrap (10m)
We can also provide rolls of bubble wrap for safely packaging fragile items.

Shipping clothes overseas

Clothing boxes
A durable box for keeping clothes clean, dry and secure during shipping. 

Shipping golf clubs internationally

Golf clubs boxes
A protective box designed to accommodate both your golf clubs and bag.

Specialist box for shipping guitars

Guitar boxes
We have specialist boxes to provide guitars and other musical instruments with the utmost protection.

Mattress covers for international shipping

Mattress covers
We provide protective polythene covers for single, 3/4, double and king size mattresses.

Shipping boxes for pictures and mirrors

Picture and mirror boxes
Strengthened shipping boxes and foam corners to provide framed items with extra protection.

Ship buggies and pushchairs overseas

Pushchair boxes
Durable cardboard boxes for guarding pushchairs and buggies during overseas shipping.

Removal blankets for overseas shipping

Removal blankets
Protective furniture covers measuring 200 x 150cm (80 x 60 inches).

International ski shipping

Ski boxes
Pack your ski's safely and securely in our specialist shipping boxes.

Shipping snowboards overseas

Snowboard boxes
This purpose-built box provides essential protection for your board and its bindings.

Protective covers for sofa suites

Sofa suite covers
We supply polythene covers for single armchairs and two and three-seater sofas.

Sending suitcases internationally

Suitcase boxes
We have a wide range of boxes to fit many different sized suitcases.

Surfboard boxes

Surfboard boxes
This box is designed to safeguard your surfboard on long overseas trips.

Washing machine cover

Washing machine covers
We advise ordering a strengthened polythene cover before packing*² in the MoveCube®.

 When possible, please use the original packaging in which the item was purchased (including polystyrene supports).

Please completely drain all pipes and plumbing from your washing machine, fridge and dishwasher before packing.


The MoveCube®: Your own mini shipping container

Our highly successful MoveCube® offers a revolutionary approach to international removals and shipping. Ideal for transporting large quantities of personal items such as furniture, bikes and white goods, the MoveCube® is essentially a mini shipping container that we deliver on a trailer to your address. Once you've loaded it, we'll then safely transport it overseas to your chosen destination.

There are three MoveCube® sizes for you to choose from, Small, Medium and Large, and we can provide multiple containers if required. We even include a free Starter Pack containing brown tape, a black marker pen and other packing necessities to help you securely wrap your goods for their travels. Below we've listed the different dimensions for our MoveCube's® and the contents of each of their Starter Packs:

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube®*


H - 1.871m

W - 1.464m

L - 2.264m

B - 61cm


1 x measuring tape (3m)

1 x tape dispenser

1 x roll of brown tape

1 x box cutter knife

1 x black marker pen

3 x floor sheets

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube®*


H - 1.871m

W - 1.464m

L - 1.114m

B - 61cm


1 x measuring tape (3m)

1 x tape dispenser

1 x roll of brown tape

1 x box cutter knife

1 x black marker pen

3 x floor sheets

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube®*


H - 1.871m

W - 1.11m

L - 0.964m

B - 61cm


1 x measuring tape (3m)

1 x tape dispenser

1 x roll of brown tape

1 x box cutter knife

1 x black marker pen

3 x floor sheets

 *Please note, the MoveCube® is loaded from the side panel. 

FAQs about our overseas shipping services

Our trusted international shippers are experts in sending boxes and luggage overseas, and the process we use is incredibly fuss-free and requires minimal effort on your part. Here's how it works in three straightforward steps:

Get a free online quote: first, enter the from and to addresses and as much information as possible about the belongings you want to ship into our instant quote tool. After you've got a clear, itemised price, place your order and pick suitable dates for us to deliver the empty boxes and collect them once they're full.

Pack your items: carefully pack the goods you want to ship into the empty boxes or MoveCubes® our team will deliver to your address. To ensure they reach their destination safely, place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and wrap each piece individually in plenty of bubble wrap.

Fill in the documentation: finally, complete the forms we'll send to your online Seven Seas Worldwide account, including an inventory to record the contents of your boxes and, if desired, insurance forms to protect your goods should a mishap occur during their journey. Once collected, we'll handle the rest, transporting your shipment overseas, through customs and to its destination.

We can ship luggage overseas by either sea or air. Sea shipping is the cheapest option, ideal if you're on a budget, but air shipping is quicker if you need your goods promptly. However, you need to generate a no-obligation quote or contact our customer service team for exact international shipping times as these vary depending on where you're shipping to and from and whether you would like your shipment delivered to an address or our depot or the port for you to collect.

To get the most accurate price for our overseas shipping services, generate a free instant quote. It's quick and easy to submit and will give you a comprehensive breakdown of all the fees involved, including warehouse handling, customs clearance and other related charges.

Unfortunately, many international shipping companies either don't know or exclude destination charges from their quotes, resulting in surprise costs further down the line. However, we at Seven Seas Worldwide pride ourselves on our transparency, and as we handle the entire process, end-to-end, we're able to tell you exactly what all the costs are before you book.

When shipping luggage internationally, you'll find every country has items that are prohibited from being imported, such as firearms, pornography, pirated goods and illegal drugs. However, some destinations have additional restrictions, for example, New Zealand and Australia forbid the importation of pain relief head bags while China and Hong Kong ban milk powder.

To ensure your shipment passes through customs without a hitch, we highly recommend reading our Prohibitive Goods page before you pack your boxes.

To guarantee the security of your goods on their travels, we advise you use the most robust boxes available. That's why Seven Seas Worldwide offers unlimited, purpose-built shipping boxes with your order, as these are made from chemically-hardened, double-walled cardboard and designed to withstand long overseas trips. However, if you're thinking of using your own containers, here're a few types you should avoid:

  • Plastic storage boxes
  • Bin liners
  • Laundry bags
  • Used boxes like those used to carry food items or papers and files

Once your shipment is in our safe and capable hands, you don't need to worry about a thing! One of the main benefits of using Seven Seas Worldwide, and what makes us a top international shipping provider, is that we handle all the customs documents (including the stringent quarantine processes for Australia and New Zealand) and speak with the customs agent to ensure your belongings are granted entry. However, please note that when shipping boxes to Canada, you must be present in the country as you'll need to visit the closest customs office to your shipment and clear your possessions in person.

Overseas luggage shipping: 4 handy tips to help you pack

When shipping household goods and other items overseas, the worry of whether your boxes will arrive at their destination in one piece can cause sleepless nights. However, by packing with a calm and methodical hand, you're sure to be happily reunited with your belongings before you've even had a chance to miss them.

To become a packing pro, follow these four easy-to-remember steps:


Icon one

Give yourself plenty of time to pack:

To guarantee smooth sailing, don't leave packing until the last minute. Instead, have a declutter before the boxes arrive and decide which items you're going to send — keep in mind the less you pack, the cheaper it'll be to ship.

Then, when you're ready to place your order with Seven Seas Worldwide, overestimate the number of boxes you'll need in case heavier items need to splitting between several containers.

Icon two

Thoroughly clean the items you're shipping:

Certain items can be dangerous if not cleaned before importation, incurring fines at customs and potentially spreading diseases in the destination country.

Ensure you wash off any ingrained organic material on sports equipment, shoes and camping gear, and drain washing machines and dishwashers before packing. Also, consider dismantling furniture for flat packing and vacuum packing soft items like bedding and clothing to save space.

Icon three

Choose an appropriately sized box:

Picking a suitable box is key to getting your goods from A to B undamaged. Choose one too large, and your possessions are likely to bump into each other, but opt for a smaller container, and they'll be packed in too tight.

Once you've got a box, fill it with the heaviest pieces first and individually cover each item in bubble wrap. Then pad gaps with void fill packaging. 

Icon four

Don’t skimp on the tape:

Using high-quality packing materials like brown tape, bubble wrap, and durable shipping boxes (all of which we can provide!) is essential — cut corners, and it could cost you in the long run.

Another handy trick to ensure the security of your goods is to double seal your boxes. Simply seal all the edges and corners of the container with the tape placed in a H-shape, and it'll make the base even sturdier.

Great customer service available 24 hours, and staff are polite, efficient and fast in responding to customers and solving problems. Drivers are also helpful and polite. Their shipping cost is cheaper and more transparent compared to other shipping companies.

Hoi Ying Lee

We had a great experience with our shipping service. We had questions along the way, but it was always easy to get hold of someone and get helpful advice. The delivery in LA was especially great, with clear communication and a fantastic delivery driver, James. Really helpful and efficient.


I shipped goods from the UK to South Africa. This was my first time shipping personal belongings overseas, and I was quite apprehensive about it. However, my experience with Seven Seas Worldwide was a really positive one - from start to finish. I would definitely use them again and recommend their services.

Corlene Spoelstra


Top 4 countries for international shipping

It's a big, wide world out there with more dream destinations than we could ever hope to explore, but if you're considering taking the trip of a lifetime, our expert overseas shippers can help get your belongings there to make your adventure even more memorable. Here are four of the most popular countries we ship luggage to and a few of the bucket-list experiences for you to tick off when you arrive:




The world's smallest continent and largest island, the Land Down Under offers so many unique experiences it can be tricky to know where to start, but rest assured, there's something for everyone, no matter if you're searching for sun and surf or a thrill-seeking adventure.

Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef: pop on a wetsuit and swim between spectacular coral formations with graceful stingrays, majestic sea turtles and thousands of other fascinating marine animals.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge: ascend the dizzying heights of one of Sydney's most iconic landmarks for a 360-degree panorama of the city's incredible harbour.

Hug a koala in Queensland: get up close and personal with some of Oz's most well-known wildlife in the lush surrounds of Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Catch some waves at Bondi Beach: top up your tan on the soft, white sands of one of the world's most famous beaches or grab your board and hang ten in the azure seas lapping the shore. 

Hike around Ayers Rock: known as Uluru by the local Aboriginal tribes, this massive monolith is a sacred site and best seen at sunrise or sunset. Although you can also visit it by helicopter or on the back of a camel.



Home to some of the most instantly-recognisable locations on the planet, we've all grown up with America on our screens. Whether you choose to explore the country's national parks, set off on a road trip or go to a sports game, you're sure to feel like a movie star. 

Gawp at the Grand Canyon: feeling brave? Cross the Skywalk to get the best view of this awe-inspiring natural wonder's volcanic features and soaring sandstone walls.

Catch a ferry to The Statue of Liberty: standing proudly in New York Harbor, this universal symbol of freedom and the nearby Immigration Museum on Ellis Island attracts millions of visitors every year.

Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard: spot the names of your favourite A-listers along the Walk of Fame and take a pic by the famous 50-foot, fluorescent sign.

Drive along Route 66: running between Illinois and California, this trip takes around two weeks and includes highlights like the Muffler Man Statue and Wigwam Motel.

Shake your hips at Graceland: visit the glitzy and glamorous home of Elvis Presley, and try the King's favourite sandwich, a PB and banana toastie.



A melting pot of different cultures including Indian, Chinese, Arabic and European, Malaysia's brilliant diversity, mouth-watering delicacies and ecological beauty, covering everything from tropical jungles to secluded islands, makes this country a must-visit.

Admire the view from the Petronas Towers: we're not sure what's most impressive, this building's astounding architecture, inspired by mosque minarets and domed roofs, or the views of Kuala Lumpur from the top?

Explore the Batu Caves: a site of pilgrimage for many of Malaysia's Tamil citizens, these limestone cliffs are studded with caves and carved temples and inhabited by bats and wild monkeys.

Meet the orangutans in Sepilok: see these magnificent apes in their natural habitat at this sanctuary that rescues orphaned orangutans and reintegrates them into the wild.

Discover the historic George Town: colonial buildings bump against ancient temples in Penang Island's east meets west capital, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Sip tea in the Cameron Highlands: venture through the emerald-green tea plantations dotting these hills and feast on punnets of strawberries, another throwback to the days of British rule.



Is there a destination more exotic and mysterious than China? The Red Dragon enchants all those that visit thanks to its fusion of ancient and modern traditions, rich history and vast size. While it might not be possible to see every one of this fascinating country's landmarks, it's certainly worth trying.

Walk along the Great Wall: stretching more than 6000km, this jaw-dropping feat of ancient defensive architecture is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Get lost in the Forbidden City: this sprawling complex of dazzling palaces takes hours to admire, just don't miss the Golden River Bridges, the Hall of Supreme Harmony and the imperial throne.

Stand in line for the Terracotta Army: discovered by farmers digging a well in the 70s, these three underground pits house more than 8000 life-size warriors, over 500 horses and more than 100 chariots.

Sail down the Yangtze: take a voyage down this incredible waterway to marvel at the gorgeous landscapes and see the Three Gorges Dam, an impressive feat of modern technology.

Hike up the Yellow Mountain range: the sheer cliffs, imposing peaks, and hot springs of this magnificent mountain range have inspired countless paintings and poems and are best seen during winter snows.