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Mobile self-storage solutions

Mobile self-storage means that we will deliver to your address the items that you need to store - from just a few boxes up to a StoreCube. We collect and store until you need it returned.

Seven Seas Worldwide provides unique and affordable mobile self-storage solutions whether you have a few boxes or the contents of a household that needs to be stored for a few weeks, months or years. Mobile self-storage means that we will deliver to your address the items that you need to store.

We collect and store until you need it returned. Then we can return your storage to the original address or a totally different address. The new address could be in a new city or a new country! Mobile self-storage really puts you in control.

Yes, you heard us right. We collect your belongings from your address. Along with our low costs, it's the thing that sets us apart from other self-storage companies.

Self-storage companies expect you to transport your items to their facilities. That seems a bit unhelpful to us. That's why when you buy storage from us, we'll send a van to collect your items and transfer them to one of our storage facilities. We'll even provide boxes and packing materials to assist you with the packing.  

So what can we offer in the way of storage? We're glad you asked. We're here for both long term storage and short term storage. If you need a place to store items indefinitely because you need the space at home, talk to us about long term storage. If however you just need to empty a room for decorating or you're between house moves and need a place to hold your items, we're also here for short term storage. 

We also know how important storage is for students who spend a lot of their time at university moving from halls to student accommodation to the family home so we've set up a student storage service just for them.

As mentioned above, we also have an innovative new way of transporting items for storage. It's called a StoreCube™ and it's essentially a container inside a trailer that our driver parks outside your home for loading. Once it has been loaded to your satisfaction, we'll take it away to a Seven Seas Worldwide storage facility near you. When you require your items again, there's no need for you to visit us, we'll simply come to you. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Our Store and Ship service provides collection, storage and delivery, so if you need a place to store your personal belongings before transporting them to a second address - nationwide or overseas - give us a call now or get a free quote via our freight calculator.