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Enjoy a stress-free move from Hong Kong to the UK

Providing a seamless international move from the point when you receive your UK visa to the arrival of your belongings at your new address in the United Kingdom. Seven Seas Worldwide offer and end to end solution for your move as we operate our own companies in both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Providing customers of TM UK Immigration either our Baggage or MoveCube® services depending on the size of your relocation both include up to 2 weeks free storage at collection location and delivery location. 


Begin your quote now or learn more about our MoveCube® and Baggage services below.

For smaller shipments try our Baggage Worldwide Service

If you are not relocating a whole household and you need to send a few boxes, bags or suitcases we recommend our Baggage Worldwide service.

We have a box for nearly every eventuality from standard to large, bike to TV, we can transport your belongings safely and securely.

We also offer you the choice of shipping by sea or by air depending on how quickly you need them to arrive in the UK.

For larger shipments try our MoveCube® Service

Providing you with your own personal packing container that makes moving abroad, as simple as possible. From a one-bedroom flat to the contents of a family home, the MoveCube® offers you unique flexibility and security when you make that move.

We offer the MoveCube® in 3 sizes, small, medium & large to suit your needs. These can be delivered to you in any combination &/or on different days to help you manage your move.

We can also assist in the packing of your home & also the loading of the MoveCube® - just ask, we're here to help!

How a MoveCube® works:

30 second quick quote
Try a quick quote for clear transparent pricing

MoveCube® delivery
Record your contents when packing & loading

Same day collection
Time frame for the number of MoveCube® you're loading

Complete documentation
Complete your documentation online & arrange payment

Shipping & transportation
Your MoveCube is transported & shipped within our network

Customs Clearance
Including all Customs & Quarantine Clearances

Destination Delivery
Door to door delivery is arranged to your new UK address

Here's whats included:

The MoveCube®s are delivered to your address either in a vehicle capable of carrying two large MoveCube®s or a smaller van capable of carrying one large MoveCube, this capacity is often increased by adding a trailer for another MoveCube®. This is dictated by the rules and regulations in your specific country.

An online inspection is undertaken of your address, if this does not provide enough information or the information is out-of-date, then a physical inspection will be required.

The kinds of things the driver will be checking include:

  • the angle of the road
  • the clearances from trees and other vegetation
  • low hanging cables

We recommend that you are in attendance to discuss where you would like the vehicle to be positioned for loading (or unloading at the destination) as well as where the item should be positioned prior to packing.

The driver will often deliver the Starter Pack, see “What is a Starter Pack and why do I need it?” and any additional boxes you have purchased.

Parking our vehicle and trailer or backing our vehicle and trailer is entirely at the driver’s discretion. Despite an online or on-site inspection being conducted first, the weather or traffic conditions on the day may have to vary what was agreed. This change may have a bearing on the “Time on Site”.

You can pack your possessions directly in to a MoveCube® from your home, garage or storage unit. Once full, the MoveCube® is closed, sealed and will not be re-opened until it arrives at your new address unless there is an inspection conducted by Customs or Quarantine Authorities. This will be documented and attended by Seven Seas Worldwide personnel.

See What is the best way to load my MoveCube®?

You will be informed the day before your scheduled day when to expect the MoveCube® to arrive. Please have everything ready

See What is assisted loading and unloading of the MoveCube®

We can hold your shipment for a further two weeks without charge in case of any unforeseen personal issues that may arise while moving.

See Moving abroad, 2-weeks storage included at origin and destination

You can follow each stage of the progress of your shipment from the moment it has been collected. In addition, once it is at sea, you can track your shipment’s progress in real-time as it moves towards your destination.

See What is the Shipping Process?

Seven Seas Worldwide operates three centres around the world to allow you to be able to communicate with us wherever you might be in the world.

Do you offer multilingual communication?

When can I speak to someone?

Watch how the MoveCube® service works for you

For more information and to start your free, no obligation quote, click here to get started.