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What is the difference between the MoveCube and a “groupage” container? 

How does the MoveCube® service work for me?

The MoveCube® service offers flexibility with collection so you are not limited to packing up all your items in one day. We also offer a two or three-stage payment plan so you never pay your total charge upfront.

What is your two or three-stage payment plan?

The MoveCube® is delivered to your door to be packed at your collection address and unpacked at your destination address. Alternatively, if you live remotely and you have limited choice in your international removal companies, you can bring your possessions to our depot and pack the MoveCube®s you need. Similarly, if your destination address is remote you can collect your shipment from our closest depot to that address.


最小号移动木屋内部容量是2立方米 (70 立方英尺),中号木屋内部容量是3立方米 (106 立方英尺), 大号移动木屋®内部容量是6立方米。




Large MoveCube®

H - 1.871米
W - 1.464米
L - 2.264米

B - 61厘米

Medium MoveCube®


H - 1.871米
W - 1.464米
L - 1.114米

B - 61厘米

Small MoveCube®

H - 1.871米
W - 1.114米
L - 0.964米

B - 61厘米



*我们的MoveCube / StoreCube™服务仅适用于主要城市当地仓库周围的区域。但是,为了帮助那些远离城市的人们,我们还提供在离您最近的七海全球仓库中装入MoveCube的机会。以下是您的选择:

 门-对-门 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

 仓库-对-门 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

 仓库-对-仓库 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

 门-对-仓库 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

  门-对-港口 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?


Andrea, December 2017