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Our MoveCube® Service

Our MoveCube® service brings one or more personal containers directly to your home, office or storage unit to be loaded with your boxes of personal belongings and assorted household items.

Once packed, we then relocate them to your destination address whether in this country or abroad.

The International MoveCube® (video below) is on hand for those moving overseas and the Domestic MoveCube® (left) is aimed at the customer taking a shorter - though no less important – journey to another town or city.

Moving Overseas

Your MoveCube® shipment is relocated within a safe and secure network, owned and operated by Seven Seas Worldwide. Where we do use partners to assist us with your shipment, they are integrated into our network. You will not need to call a different shipping agent when you arrive at the destination and you will not be presented with a whole new range of costs that no one mentioned at the start of the process. Our quote stands for the whole shipment: start to finish, no exemptions.

Why try to move into a new property on the same day? Why not plan moving in over several days or even a week? We hold your MoveCube®s and delivery what you need when you want it.

Alternatively, if you need more space for decorating or display your house or flat for sale, why not try a MoveCube® to store your belongings safely and securely before you move?


当你决定预订移动木屋的时候,您需要留意的是,(由您所在地理位置决定),我们会有不同的方案可以供你选择. 如果你的地址在我们的仓库覆盖范围之内,我们将会提供给你完整的门-对-门服务 ;但是如果是偏远地区,那么你可以选择以下的方案.


门-对-门 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

 仓库-对-门 移动木屋®能为你做到什么? 

 仓库-对-仓库 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

 门-对-仓库 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?

门-对-港口 移动木屋®能为你做到什么?



The nature of moving has changed so much in recent years. Books, DVDs and CDs can now be reduced to digital items in a cloud. Similarly, disposing items you don’t need anymore can be easily dealt with now via auction sites and social media groups.

How to declutter before moving?