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If you're moving to London from Hong Kong, having decided that the hustle and bustle of England's historic city is a good enough reason for packing your bags and leaving Hong Kong, you'd be well-advised to speak to us about moving your personal belongings and household goods via a MoveCube®.

Moving to London with the MoveCube®

We've come up with a great idea to make moving abroad a piece of cake. It's called a MoveCube® and it's a door-to-door service that brings a mini shipping container to your home address for loading. It's sleek, sophisticated and will take the stress out of your move.

Here's how it works
30 second quick quote

30 second quick quote 
Try a quick quote for clear transparent pricing to compare

MoveCube® collection
We deliver your empty MoveCube® & collect them packed.

FREE storage
We offer an optional 2wks FREE storage to help you plan your move.

Online documentation
All documentation needs submitting for your belongings to be shipped

Worldwide transportation

Your MoveCube® is securely shipped overseas within our worldwide network

Customs clearance

Including clearances
We take care of all Customs and Quarantine checks

MoveCube® delivery
At an arranged time we delivered to your destination address for you to unpack

Here's what's included -

The MoveCube®s are delivered to your address either in a vehicle capable of carrying two large MoveCube®s or a smaller van capable of carrying one large MoveCube, this capacity is often increased by adding a trailer for another MoveCube®. This is dictated by the rules and regulations in your specific country.

An online inspection is undertaken of your address, if this does not provide enough information or the information is out-of-date, then a physical inspection will be required.

The kinds of things the driver will be checking include:

  • the angle of the road
  • the clearances from trees and other vegetation
  • low hanging cables

We recommend that you are in attendance to discuss where you would like the vehicle to be positioned for loading (or unloading at the destination) as well as where the item should be positioned prior to packing.

The driver will often deliver the Starter Pack, see “What is a Starter Pack and why do I need it?” and any additional boxes you have purchased.

Parking our vehicle and trailer or backing our vehicle and trailer is entirely at the driver’s discretion. Despite an online or on-site inspection being conducted first, the weather or traffic conditions on the day may have to vary what was agreed. This change may have a bearing on the “Time on Site”.


We deliver a Starter Pack to our MoveCube® customers to help them start the process of moving.

The pack contains:

  • a measuring tape,
  • a knife,
  • a tape dispenser & a roll of brown packing tape and
  • a black marker pen.

In addition, it also contains three plastic sheets: blue, white and red.

Each of the plastic sheets represents the floorplan of each size of our MoveCube®s:

  • Large MoveCube® (blue),
  • Medium MoveCube® (white)
  • Small MoveCube® (red)

These allow you to lay them out on your floor and start working out where you can put items within the MoveCube®.

In addition, you will receive some complimentary boxes with the Starter Pack if you are shipping to Australia or New Zealand, these are “Shoe Boxes” and we ask that, once you have cleaned the soles, you pack all your shoes, boots, sandals, etc into these boxes. These white boxes should be positioned at the door of the MoveCube® to permit easy recovery in the event of an inspection by the quarantine authority; inspection of shoes is usually the extent of the inspection and minimises disruption of the MoveCube®.

Decluttering is always worth investing time in before a move. So here are a few tips on how to do it.

  • If you want to make money from items you intend on leaving behind such as clothes, antiques, collectables, furniture and toys, we suggest bypassing the auction sites and contacting a consignment business. Consignment businesses are usually retail shops that are in the market for particular second-hand items and will provide you with a percentage of their profits once they sell on the item in question.
  • eBay, Amazon Marketplace and similar auction sites are good places to offload children's items like pushchairs and expect decent money for them.
  • CDs and DVDs take up too much space and are fast becoming an irrelevance. We know, it sounds harsh but that's exactly what you need to be if you want to pack as lightly as possible! We recommend Music Magpie and Zapper to offload your unwanted media.
  • Don't pack that box of old mobile phones, laptops and assorted chargers. Send them to companies that will pay for them such as Mazuma or Giffgaff. The more recent it is, the more money you could make from it.
  • If you have a substantial book collection, it just doesn't make sense to move it all. It's time to be ruthless! Depending on the book, some titles do still make a decent amount of money on auction sites so spend some time going through what you need, what you can donate and what you can sell.
  • If you simply do not have the time to arrange it all, or, you are still left with possessions you are not going to take, then give them to a charity, or charities, of your choice so someone will benefit from them
  • If you're planning on taking your TV, consider two things: Will you invalidate the warranty or will it even work in the country to which you're moving? Electrical power differs from country to county so check to see if your TV (and other electrical items) will be affected by the change.
  • Any item that retains dust like a vacuum cleaner should also be left behind unless they have been meticulously cleaned. Otherwise, your consignment may receive an unscheduled customs and quarantine inspection.
  • If you've had your current mattress for longer than five years, we suggest leaving it behind and investing in a new one anyway.
  • Oh, and if you're moving to a hot country, you won't need many woolly clothes. Get rid. Or put it in storage.
  • Your heaviest items like kitchen appliances: washing machines, fridges, etc., should be placed at the centre of the MoveCube® and as low as possible.
  • Don’t just put items in the MoveCube® without considering how to stop them moving – any movement is bad. Make sure the load is level and you fill any gaps.
  • Consider that 30 days at sea, with the regular movement of the ship from the sea, will wear through anything if it can move against something else.
  • If you have a mattress or two, you could stand them up against the sides of the MoveCube®, thereby padding the walls for the duration of the journey. Alternatively, you could place them as a barrier between items that you perhaps don’t want knocking against each other.
  • If you are shipping to Australia or New Zealand, boxes or bags packed with shoes and boots need to be left inside the opening of the MoveCube®
  • Every item must be numbered, this number is the same as the item number on your inventory.

How to pack a MoveCube

Plastic crates will break when they are stacked on top of each other.

For more information, a member of the team is always available to chat.

Our driver is not available to load or unload one or more MoveCube®s by themselves but to offer “an extra pair of hands” to assist in the loading or unloading. Our driver will try to assist but first and foremost we must protect our driver’s safety and well-being.

Any large or awkward item or any item over 30kg will need a second person to help lift the item. For their own personal safety, our driver has the right of refusal to lift or move such an item if not assisted.

Our driver is responsible for the contents of the MoveCube®s and, therefore, must keep the open MoveCube in sight during the process of loading and unloading and close enough to respond to any potential threat. This is to safeguard the contents of the MoveCube®. A recommended distance: door of the building to the vehicle with the MoveCube®, should be no more than 20 metres but there may be circumstances where it is reasonable to extend this distance, for example, if

  • able-bodies friends and family are available to assist;
  • a separate company is contracted to pack and load / unload and unpack the contents of the MoveCubes
  • the MoveCubes are in a secure gated area or within a garden set away from the road.

What is a Starter Pack and why do I need it?

What is a Site Inspection?

How long do I have the MoveCube®s to load / unload?


Subject to keeping the open MoveCube® in line of sight; to ensure the contents of the MoveCube® are protected, our driver is to assist the customer in loading or unloading of the Move Cube to the front door/garage of house.

Apartment / Unit / Room

Subject to keeping the open MoveCube® in line of sight and access is permitted to the front of the building, the driver will assist the customer in loading or unloading of the MoveCube® to the front door of the building of the apartment /unit or into the garage.

Deliver to Depot / Collect from Depot

The depot staff will help to load the items from your vehicle to one or more MoveCube®s or load the items from your MoveCube® to your vehicle.


Please note: The driver is on a schedule to attend other jobs and needs to be leaving on or about the end of that allocated time.

There is an allocated time to load or unload depending on the size of the MoveCube®.

  • A Small MoveCube® should take 60 minutes to load and 30 minutes to unload.
  • A Medium MoveCube® should take 90 minutes to load and 45 minutes to unload.
  • A Large MoveCube® should take 120 minutes to load and 60 minutes to unload.

The allocated time is shown on your quote. In case of multiple MoveCubes®, the allocated time is multiplied by the number and size of MoveCubes® being used. For example:

  • If you are moving with 2 x Large MoveCubes® then the loading time would be 240 minutes (2 x 120) and the unloading time would be 120 minutes (2 x 60)
  • If you are moving with 3 x Medium MoveCubes and 1 x Small MoveCube, then the loading time would be 330 minutes [(3 x 90) + (1 x 60)] and 165 minutes [(3 x 45) + (1 x 30)].

Once that allocated time has elapsed then additional charges will accumulate for every additional 15 minutes.

These are the different combinations that can be delivered in our vehicles on one visit to your address:


1 Small MoveCube                                                          (Total volume = 2.01 cubic metres = 71 cubic feet)

1 Medium MoveCube                                                    (Total volume = 3.05 cubic metres = 107 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube                                                          (Total volume = 6.20 cubic metres = 219 cubic feet)


2 Small MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 4.02 cubic metres = 142 cubic feet)

2 Medium MoveCubes                                                  (Total volume = 6.10 cubic metres = 214 cubic feet)

2 Large MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 12.4 cubic metres = 438 cubic feet)


1 Medium MoveCube and 1 Small MoveCube     (Total volume = 5.06 cubic metres = 178 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube and 1 Small MoveCube           (Total volume = 8.21 cubic metres = 290 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube and 1 Medium MoveCube     (Total volume = 9.25 cubic metres = 326 cubic feet)


3 Small MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 6.03 cubic metres = 213 cubic feet)


All other combinations of MoveCube sizes are subject to the vehicles weight limitations of the specific origin and destination country.

MoveCube® can be ordered for different days when you want to clear out your home in phases. So if you want to clear out your bedrooms on one day and then deal with the rest of the house on another day, you can do so. 

If you find having packed your MoveCube®s on the first day that you do not need as many MoveCube®s or perhaps you need smaller MoveCube®s on the second day, then you can change your order at no charge.

Subject to the availability of vehicles, you will be contacted to arrange a day for the MoveCubes to be returned to you to be unloaded. At this stage, we are not able to open this activity up to online booking, this is something we hope to do in the future.

You can access your shipping documents through your online dashboard.

These include :

  • An inventory of contents
  • An insurance form
  • Details of the destination address
  • Personal information related to the shipment
  • Customs forms, depending on your destination

See - » What does the online documentation require

Should you decide to return to us to transfer more items via the MoveCube® you can take advantage of our 10% discount off your transport and shipping costs. Talk to a member of our team for details.

Watch how we move you to the London:

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