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International Shipping with Seven Seas Worldwide

Returning home or studying abroad Seven Seas Worldwide is the first choice for moving luggage, personal belongings and household items across the globe. We've been moving people globally for over 20 years.

We offer a fast, flexible and affordable international door-to-door shipping service, collecting and delivering all manner of items throughout the world from extra luggage and suitcases to sports equipment and furniture. Basically, if we can get it into a box or loaded into the back of one of our vehicles, we’ll take it. We do this via our global shipping service which has depots throughout the world. That’s why we call it ‘global’ you see.

We offer a variety of services designed to suit your needs, including;

Boxes being delivered

Baggage Worldwide

Send unaccompanied excess luggage throughout the world and transport items that may need a little help.

Relocate internationally with the MoveCube®


A revolutionary approach to moving, the MoveCube® is a mini-shipping container brought directly to your home.

Flexible shipping service

Fully Flexible Service

If your plans change mid-transit our stress-free service can have your items stored or returned to you. We will also discount your return/next shipment.

Top quality service
I've used Seven Seas twice and their service has always been top quality. They are easy and convenient to use. My packages have always arrive on time and in good condition. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Emilie Van Baalen May, 2019