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Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built shipping boxes and materials provided

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted with your shipments for over 25 years

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Pick your own dates for shipment delivery and collection

Free storage

Enjoy 2 weeks FREE storage in the origin country


We handle the quarantine and customs clearance process

Everything you need to know about shipping to Indonesia

With over seventeen thousand islands to explore, stunning natural sights, friendly people, and a rich, diverse culture, Indonesia is one of the most rewarding destinations to visit in the world. From scuba diving and surfing to active volcanoes and ancient historical sights, the Indonesian archipelago has something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for the experience of a lifetime, embarking on a brand new job, or a student attending university, you'll want to take as many personal comforts as possible. That's where we come in. With over 25 years of experience shipping boxes, bags and luggage worldwide, we offer cost-effective rates, in-depth local knowledge, comprehensive customer support and more. Plus, we deliver to most Indonesian locations, including Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Java, and Medan.

Trusted international shippers for over 25 years

From clothes to furniture, our overseas shipping company can help you send boxes, bags and suitcases in only a few steps with zero stress. Order at your leisure from the comfort of your home on any device you like, including mobile, PC, and tablet. Once your goods are packed, we'll collect them from your door and safely take them to their destination.

Read on for a few of the many benefits of our shipping to Indonesia service:

  • Free secure storage: there's no need to panic! We offer two weeks of free storage in your origin country so you can travel at your own pace.
  • Zero hidden fees: thanks to our worldwide network of drivers, depots and customer support, we offer a clear cost breakdown at every stage. Get started today with a free quick quote.
  • Tracked shipping: saying goodbye to your possessions as they travel overseas can be daunting. Luckily our online tracking tool lets you see your goods' location wherever they are!
  • We take care of customs clearance: all you need to do is pack and complete your online documentation. Drawing on over 25 years of experience, including extensive local knowledge, we easily clear your luggage through customs.
  • Friendly support: from booking an order to the day your goods arrive at their destination, our multilingual customer support team can offer help and advice during your shipment's journey.


A couple booking our international shipping services


Ship boxes and bags to Indonesia in 5 easy steps

Number one

Free online quick quote
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty shipping boxes, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll transport your shipment to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't take our word for it

Our customers love us!


What size are our secure shipping boxes?

Created to give your precious items the protection they need during long journeys, our chemically-hardened, double-walled cardboard boxes are safe and reliable. See below for exact sizes and packing suggestions of our two most popular containers, Large and Standard.

We also offer specially-shaped boxes designed from the same first-class materials for bulky items, such as guitars and golf clubs.

If you wish, you may use your own containers, but avoid laundry bags, plastic crates, used food boxes and bin liners, as they are likely to break and damage your goods. Plus, when choosing our boxes, you can order as many as you need. We'll even collect what you don't use (providing they remain unused) for free.

Large cardboard shipping box

Large box

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Sports equipment
  • Clothes
  • Bedding 
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard box

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Files and papers
  • Books
  • Children's toys

We make Indonesian customs regulations a breeze

With over 25 years of worldwide shipping experience, we know how to make passing your possessions through Indonesian customs straightforward. However, there are a few essential things to remember.

Before packing, please read our regularly updated Prohibited Items page. As with all countries, Indonesia bans the importation of some items to protect its citizens and environment. Awareness at this stage could help avoid fines or delays down the line.

Detail each container's contents, the destination address, and the consignee's name and contact details by logging into your account and completing your Inventory Packing List. To ensure accuracy, pack as you fill it in. Customs agents in Indonesia will ask to see your inventory and could request to open up your boxes and bags, so 100% accuracy is essential.

You will also need to provide the following additional documents:

  • Upload scans of your passport's picture and signature pages and, if needed, a copy of your visa.
  • Provide your Nomor Kartu Tanda Penduduk (Nomor KTP) - a 16-digit ID number from your citizen or non-citizen ID card.
  • Consider adding one of our insurance options to fully protect your shipment.

You must be present in Indonesia when your personal effects arrive, and the shipment must enter the country at most three months later. Different customs processes and documents are required to ensure your possessions enter Indonesia tax-free, depending on whether you're a foreigner, retiree or returning citizen. For a comprehensive guide, please reference our Importing into Indonesia page.


Customs agents in Indonesia will ask to see your inventory and could request to open up your boxes and bags, so 100% accuracy is essential.
Woman packing books into boxes for shipping


FAQs on our luggage shipping services to Indonesia

Sending luggage from Thailand to Indonesia is easy when booking with our international shipping service. We guide you through each step of the following simple process:

  1. First, get a free quick quote for a total cost breakdown at each stage of your shipment's journey. Then, place your order, pay your upfront deposit and choose a convenient date so we can bring empty boxes and any packaging materials you've requested to your home.
  2. Carefully pack all your items, complete your online documentation then let us know a suitable day for collection.
  3. Once your Shipping and Transportation fee is paid, we'll ship your belongings. We'll clear them through customs when they arrive at your destination country. Finally, pick a date for us to deliver the shipment to your new address.

With our boxes and bags shipping service, you can take most of your personal items from home to your dream location abroad. Plus, large goods, such as sports equipment, surfboards and guitars.

However, each country has customs rules that dictate what can and cannot enter to protect borders. Please thoroughly read our Prohibited Goods list before completing your packing to avoid any unwanted fines and delays.

As long as you have the correct documentation, most personal belongings (used for twelve months or more) can enter Indonesia tax-free. Please reference our Importing into Indonesia and Prohibited Goods pages for detailed and up-to-date information.

Sending bags and boxes overseas using our shipping service is less expensive than you might think. However, what you pay will depend on your mode of transport, your origin address, and where you are going. Use our free quote tool for a personalised breakdown of shipping costs in just a few minutes.


To ensure your goods arrive via the quickest and most efficient method possible, all shipping and air routes are predefined and cannot be altered.


How to pack boxes for our shipping service

To ensure your personal items arrive at your destination in the same condition they were sent, we strongly suggest hiring a professional packer to do it for you.

Otherwise, set aside time to wrap each item individually, and follow our helpful 4-step guide below. For comprehensive tips, check out our ever-growing list of packing guides, including How to choose a box and Preparing large items for collection.


Securely seal the base of your box:

First, set aside all your packing materials, such as a marker pen, parcel tape and bubble wrap. Next, create a solid foundation by folding in the small flaps, then the large flaps of your box, and sealing them tightly with several layers of overlapping parcel tape. Avoid using sellotape as it is simply too weak!

Seal any exposed edges and tightly wrap all around the bottom of the container for extra sturdiness. Once your container is full, repeat the sealing process to secure the lid.

Be gentle with fragile items:

Cover all your goods in bubble wrap and use several layers for fragile and valuable items, such as small mirrors, picture frames and crockery. At the bottom, place heavy items down first, with lighter and more fragile goods on top and as far away from the sides of your container as possible.

If you see any gaps, fill them with soft materials like packing paper, towels or newspaper. Then, carefully shake your box. If it makes a sound, add more soft materials.

Complete your inventory while packing:

To avoid headache-inducing fines or delays down the line, log into your account and fill in your Inventory Packing List as you pack.

With a marker pen, write the job number, box number, and destination country and city on at least two sides of each container. Cross-reference your inventory as you write to ensure details match perfectly.

Get ready for collection day:

For safety, the maximum weight of each container is 30kg/66lbs. Weigh them on bathroom scales one at a time. If a box or bag is over the limit, remove some items and place them in a lighter container.

Finally, once everything is securely packed and ready for collection, take your shipment to the entrance of your building. Doing so ensures a smooth collection day for you and our driver.

Very straightforward service, with a lot of information about the process on their website, which was easy to digest. I always felt like their customer service advisers were just one call or email away. Before the pick-up of my boxes, Seven Seas Worldwide called me and walked me through the process and next steps, which made me feel at ease.



Best sights and attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia is a fascinating country, comprised of thousands of unique islands, most of which are uninhabited and unspoilt. From ancient palaces and stunning natural wonders to bustling markets and fun outdoor adventures, this charming country is waiting to be explored time and time again.

Read on for a few reasons to visit The Emerald of the Equator.



From luxury malls and a vibrant nightlife to bustling market stalls and fun beach resorts, Indonesia's capital city is full of contrasting delights. With a population of over ten million, it's also the most populous island in the world!

Take a walk through Indonesia's past: formerly known as the ancient city of Batavia, Jakarta Old Town offers everything from street folk music and local market stalls to quaint Dutch-era buildings and historical museums.

Step back in time: from the towering monument of Monas, with its triumphant golden flame of independence, to endless statues and carvings, Merdeka Square tells the story of Indonesia throughout history right in the heart of the city.

Walk among the fishes: housing more than 3,500 aquatic and non-aquatic animals, including nurse sharks, sea dragons and Humboldt penguins, Jakarta Aquarium Safari is a fascinating and interactive experience the whole family will love.

Find peace in a truly tropical island: just a 30-minute boat ride from Jakarta, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by exploring the beautiful and tranquil Kepulauan Seribu National Park.


Sitting on the northeastern tip of Java Island, Surabaya is a port city as famous for its skyscrapers and colonial-era Dutch architecture as it is for its glitzy shopping malls and edgy marketplaces.

Pretend you're in a movie: with eye-catching Buddist-inspired buildings, narrow streets and cute cul-de-sacs, Surabaya's Chinatown is full of stylish photo opportunities.

Delve into the middle east: Surabaya's Arab quarter has been a must-see throng of marketplaces, temples, and delicious street food for over two centuries.

Pay your solemn respects: the Tugu Pahlawan Heroes Monument is the symbol of Indonesia, erected in 1952 to commemorate those who died during the battle for independence from the British.

You'll be spoilt for choice: explore more than five hundred retail outlets under one roof! Conveniently situated right in the middle of the city, Tunjungan Plaza houses everything from restaurants and cinemas to clothing stores and a kids' arcade.


One of the world's most popular destinations, Bali, The Island of God, is an award-winning, natural paradise full of adventure. Enjoy spectacular tropical beaches perfect for surfing and diving, rugged coastlines, friendly people, and a spiritual, peaceful culture welcoming to all.

Visit a temple in the sea: the pride of Bali, Tanah Lot Temple is a picturesque ancient Hindu shrine that sits on top of a large offshore island rock surrounded by atmospheric crashing waves.

The hillwalker's dream: enjoy lush green landscapes, unforgettable sunsets and enviable sights over the entire island as you climb Mount Batur's dramatic volcano.

Go on epic water slides: a joy for the entire family, Bali's Waterbom is 3.8 hectares of pure fun! Enjoy globally acclaimed twisty water slides, pools, cafes, and much more.

Experience the real Jungle Book: from West African lions to zebras and chimps, get up close and personal with over five hundred species at Bali Zoo, set within a beautiful, tropical landscape.

Lake Toba

Rising from the crater of a supervolcanic eruption around seventy thousand years ago, Lake Toba is one of the deepest lakes in the world and one of Indonesia's most visited hotspots. Enjoy blissful natural sights, hot springs, local customs, and much more.

Explore the lake in style: coast along this beautiful large body of water by renting a kayak. Enjoy breathtaking views of cloud-kissing volcanos as you gently paddle your way to the other side.

Cool down in the wildest possible way: go for a swim and experience spectacular views at Lake Toba's largest waterfall, the 120-meter-tall Sipiso-Piso.

Go for a warm dip: if you can handle the scorching temperatures, the foot of Pusuk Buhit offers several natural hot springs at affordable prices.

Delve into local culture: visit Batak Museum to learn about the history of the ethnic Batak people via ancient artefacts, costumes, traditional dance and puppet shows.