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Why ship your bicycle overseas?

Cycling enthusiasts know their bicycles intimately. Hiring a new one isn't quite the same. Our bikes help us feel comfortable and safe and reach ever-faster speeds and longer distances.

From weekend riders to cycling veterans, many different types of people want to send a bike overseas. You could be an amateur mountain biker looking for challenging new treks or a professional rider travelling for competitions. Whatever the reason, we'll help get your bike to its destination with zero stress. 

Send your bike overseas using our trusted shipping services

Shipping a bicycle to another country can be a daunting experience, especially when considering how best to get your precious two-wheeler to its destination. From customs headaches to long airport waits, sending it on a flight alongside your other luggage isn't the best way to kick-start your cycling adventure. 

Instead, eliminate stress by shipping bikes with our international luggage delivery experts! We've been shipping sports equipment, musical instruments, bags, boxes, furniture and much more for over 25 years.

We'll come to your door, collect your bike, box it at our nearest depot, send it to your destination country, pass it through customs and deliver it. All you need to do is get a free instant quote, securely prepare your bike for collection and complete the online documents.

Using our Boxes and Bags Worldwide service, you can send your bike via air or sea at competitive prices. Because we own and operate a network of depots and drivers worldwide, we offer a unique door-to-door bike shipping experience. 

Please note, this is a bicycle shipping service and does not include e-bikes.  


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How to ship a bike overseas in 5 easy steps

Number one

Get a free quick quote
Our online quote tool provides a clear, itemised cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your date
When placing your order, choose the shipment collection date that suits you.

Number three

Pack your bike
Bag your bicycle for collection. We'll then take it to our closest depot and box it for shipping.

Number four

We ship your bike
Complete the documentation. Then we'll ship your bicycle to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will help you clear your bike through customs and safely deliver it.

Don't just take our word for it

Customers love sending bikes overseas with us!


How to prepare your bike for shipping

We make your bicycle shipping experience stress-free. As part of our Boxes and Bags Worldwide service, we'll come to your home, collect your adult or children's bike and take it to our nearest depot. From there, our shipping experts will pack it into a robust cardboard bike box and send it to your chosen destination.

However, in countries where shipping is fulfilled by one of our our partners (check your free quote to confirm), it is your responsibility to buy a bike box (Seven Seas Worldwide does not endorse these products) and securely pack it before collection. 

There are a few essential things for you to do to prepare your bike for shipping:

  • Remove the pedals. Failure to do so will incur an extra charge.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry your bicycle (Seven Seas Worldwide does not endorse these products) to avoid customs charges or delays. Pay close attention to hard-to-clean spots such as tyres, pedals and underneath mud guards. If we receive any part of your bike unclean, you will incur a cleaning charge. 
  • Remove all bike accessories, such as bells, water bottles, safety chains, helmets and bags. Additional items placed inside could damage both the box and the bike. You can ship your accessories separately as part of the same order via our Boxes and Bags Worldwide service.

Please note: we are unable to ship specialist bikes such as tandems, unicycles and penny farthings. 

While not a professional packing service, after collecting your bike, our trusted depot staff will securely box it in one of our chemically strengthened cardboard containers. Our bike boxes are designed to fit various sizes and include support sections for the wheels and front forks to keep your bike in place during transit.

We begin by inspecting the bike for defects such as faults or scratches. Then, we take off the front wheel and, if you haven't removed them already, the pedals. We place the front forks into their cardboard support, remove the handlebars, cover them in several layers of bubble wrap and seal them against the body of the bike with parcel tape. Two cardboard support sections are then placed against the back wheel.

Next, we gently ease the bike into the box. We cover the front wheels' spindles with foam tube endings and place the wheel inside a cardboard casing. The wheel is then placed beside the bike. Any remaining voids are filled with bubble wrap, and cardboard bridges are placed along the top to strengthen the box further. Finally, the lid is sealed using several layers of parcel tape and labelled, ready to be shipped or stored.

Remove all bike accessories, such as bells, water bottles, safety chains, helmets and bags. Additional items placed inside could damage both the box and the bike.
Cardboard bike shipping box


Couple completing online shipping documents

Customs rules when sending bikes overseas

Since we manage a worldwide network of depots, we can offer a complete door-to-door collection and delivery service, including customs clearance in all countries where we operate. But there are some essential things you should be aware of.

As each country has its own import rules, including customs and taxes specific to bikes, please reference our regularly updated Prohibited Goods page before booking.

Then, log into your online account and complete the following shipping documents:

  • An inventory listing every item you want to send. Customs authorities will have access to it, so please ensure accuracy.
  • Optional insurance forms to ease some stress in the rare case your bike(s) are lost or damaged.
  • Colour scans of the shipment owner's passport picture and signature pages.


I'm really pleased with our Seven Seas Worldwide experience. We shipped 5 boxes, 1 suitcase and 1 road bike from London to Australia, and they all arrived within the estimated delivery date with no issues. Their communication was always clear, and the people who picked up and dropped off our items were professional and efficient. I would happily use Seven Seas Worldwide again, and I recommend them if you want to send items at a reasonable price. I'm very happy.



FAQs about shipping a bike internationally

We keep costs affordable because we own and operate a worldwide network of depots. However, the final fee will depend on how soon you need your bike, your budget and your origin and destination addresses. Get a free bike shipping quote today for a transparent, personalised price.

As experienced luggage delivery experts, we've considered everything to support our customers. You can store your bike for free for a total of 4 weeks at most worldwide destinations we ship to, allowing you to travel without panic. If you need longer storage for a small additional fee, let us know more than 24 hours before your bike is collected.

Delivery time depends on several factors, such as your origin and destination countries and your chosen shipping method. Shipping by sea is generally cheaper and better for the planet, but it does take a little longer. Air shipping gets your bike to its destination faster, which is ideal if you have a bigger budget.

Sending your beloved ride halfway around the world can be a heart-stopping experience. For extra peace of mind, we recommend one of our comprehensive insurance options to cover your bike in the rare chance it suffers damage or is lost. Plus, you can monitor your bicycle's worldwide location using our online tracker at no extra cost.


Best destinations to take your bike for a cycling holiday

With so much of our beautiful planet to experience on two wheels, knowing where to go next can be difficult! We've put together a list of several top-rated cycling cities over four continents based on infrastructure, scenery, future investment and much more:


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Amsterdam in the Netherlands: the Dutch capital is a cyclist's paradise, featuring an extensive network of bike paths and lanes.

With its flat terrain, bike-friendly regulations, and healthy cycling culture, it's no wonder there are more bikes than residents! 

Copenhagen in Denmark: cited as the world's most bike-friendly city, Copenhagen boasts extensive cycling infrastructure — an estimated 62% of the city's population bike to work or school!

Local government support a deeply ingrained cycling culture making it a haven for two-wheeled transport.

Antwerp in Belgium: Antwerp is home to an ever-expanding system of dedicated bike lanes, making it safe and easy to navigate.

In recent years, the city has worked hard to upgrade its cycling network via intersection improvements and a goal to lower speed limits to 30 km/h (18.6 mph).

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North America

Portland, Oregon in the USA: Portland has a supportive biking community and impressive cycling infrastructure. It has many bike lanes, bike boulevards (low motorised traffic volumes and speeds), and events promoting cycling.

The city is also home to the most bike shops per capita (3.5 per 100,000 residents) in the United States.

Vancouver in Canada: cycling tourists visit yearly for scenic routes, dedicated bike lanes, and a bike-friendly urban layout. The city's moderate climate and strong cycling advocacy contribute to its reputation as a great cycling city. 

Montreal in Canada: Montreal is widely recognised for its extensive network of bike lanes and paths. Enjoy gorgeous routes along the St. Lawrence River and a vibrant cycling culture.

The city's administration has proposed the most ambitious bicycle project Montreal has ever seen, with a goal of 15% of all travel via bike by 2027.

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Tokyo in Japan: the world's largest metropolis boasts millions of regular bike users, and the government has plans to improve its cycling infrastructure.

Projects include designated cycle lanes and improved safety measures. Residents commonly use bikes to shop, travel to work and carry everything from household goods to children!

Taipei in Taiwan: Taipei, affectionately called "the Bicycle Kingdom", manufactures almost 70% of the world's mid and high-range bikes.

The city offers a public bike-sharing system, YouBike, and many dedicated cycle lanes. Cycling is actively promoted as a sustainable means of getting around, and plans include tripling its number of bike lanes.

Seoul in South Korea: Seoul is an increasingly bike-friendly city with ambitious plans to add more dedicated paths and rental services.

Breathtaking routes along the Han River, affordable food, camping grounds and a growing cycling community make the city an attractive destination for worldwide riders.

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Melbourne in Australia: thanks to years of investment, Melbourne has a well-developed cycling network. Expect dedicated bike lanes, shared paths, and a bike-friendly infrastructure.

The city often comes out on top as one of the most scenic cities to experience on two wheels. Its flat terrain and mild climate make it especially appealing to holidaying cyclists.

Sydney in Australia: Sydney is an increasingly accessible city for cyclists, thanks to a growing network of dedicated bike lanes and paths.

Enjoy a warm yearly climate and scenic routes by the harbour, parklands and adventurous mountain bike trails.

Wellington in New Zealand: Wellington features an enviable network of cycling lanes. The local government strives to promote safe and efficient two-wheeled travel. Its compact layout and spectacular views along the waterfront make it an attractive destination.

Plus, a growing number of cycling clubs help promote biking as a healthy way of life.