Packing a Commercial MoveCube® – Do It Right

Packing a Commercial MoveCube®

Commercial MoveCube® packing is a simple matter: Put the heaviest stuff in the middle. Then surround the heaviest stuff with gradually lighter stuff.


That’s pretty much it.

Don’t just throw boxes into the back of the trailer without thinking. You need a bit of order in there otherwise you may have an unbalanced MoveCube® – and that might cause delays (and wobbliness).

Oh and make the most of the space. Treat it like a physical and less interesting game of Tetris.

And remember the best way to pack the individual boxes:

  • Our Large boxes are ideal for bulky yet light items such as towels, linen, clothes, pillows, etc.
  • Our Standard boxes are best for small but heavy items such as laptops, books, hand tools, that sort of thing.