Commercial Shipping Services With Seven Seas Worldwide – We’re Here on Business

Commercial Shipping

Seven Seas Worldwide introduces a set of greener and more affordable commercial shipping services.

Seven Seas Worldwide has shipped personal belongings and excess baggage across the globe for nearly twenty years. We’ve been there for the most important moments in people’s lives, moving to another city to study, embarking on a year-long adventure overseas or moving abroad with family to start a new life. It’s been emotional. Pass us a tissue.

But now we’re looking to build on our success with those who need to ship items abroad for business. Take a look at our commercial shipping services and see what Seven Seas Worldwide can offer those who need to send corporate consignments overseas on a regular basis.

Our Commercial Shipping Services

For commercial shipments that are small, large or somewhere in the middle, we offer the Commercial MoveCube®. The Commercial MoveCube is a container inside a trailer that's perfect for quick, affordable and secure commercial transportation, whether you're sending items overseas or within the same country. We're very excited to introduce both the International Commercial MoveCube® and the Domestic Commercial MoveCube® to cover both possibilities.

By the way, don't forget that when shipping commercial goods, it's always a good idea to know what your shipping insurance options are. Yes, we know it's not the most exhilarating topic but it's very important. Take a look and see how we can cover you.

We've also included an advice page for how to pack a Commercial MoveCube®. It seems like a simple job but there are traps you could fall into which may delay your shipment.

For more information about our commercial services, call a member of our team.