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Talk to Seven Seas Worldwide about sending your personal belongings and excess baggage to Germany. We're here for every job whether you're moving home, sending extra holiday luggage or delivering a commercial shipment. We provide a safe, efficient and affordable service. Oh and we've been in the business for nearly twenty years so we know our stuff.

So what makes us stand out from the crowd? Apart from our bright red uniforms? Well here are a few reasons:

  • Although we operate an air service, we do the bulk of our deliveries by sea so the costs stay low
  • Many airlines will charge you excess baggage fees but you can avoid this with Seven Seas Worldwide
  • We have a commercial arm allowing your business to send goods all over the world
  • We are with your items from A to B with no external agents
  • We have depots in Germany to handle deliveries, collections and storage
  • We have an online document system meaning no more paperwork

International shipping to Germany

See how much you could save by checking out our online freight calculator and get a free quote now. 

Seven Seas Worldwide covers all bases: Are you moving to Berlin with your family? Sending a gift package to a relative in Hamburg? Perhaps you're taking a trip to Frankfurt and need a hand with your luggage? We can lighten the load, no matter what you're requirements may be.

If you've never used a shipping company before, let us put it simply - we'll move your items from A to B, so you don't have to. Imagine how simple it would be to board a plane with only hand luggage, safe in the knowledge your suitcases and other assorted items (such as a surfboard, a bicycle or a pair of skis) were being delivered to your destination address safely. Alternatively, think about how nice it would be to have a driver come to your door, load your household items into his van and have it delivered to your chosen address in Germany, safe and sound, and without any third party involvement. Get a free quote for shipping to Germany today and see how straightforward international shipping can be with us.

Things to consider when shipping to Germany

If you're shipping to Germany, please be aware of customs regulations to avoid delays. Here are a few restricted groups:

  • Live animals and animal products such as meat, fish and poultry
  • Dairy produce such as birds' eggs and natural honey
  • Vegetables
  • Plants and seeds may only be transported under specific instructions from customs
  • Cereals
  • Cocoa and cocoa preparations
  • Beverages, spirits and vinegar
  • Any tobacco products

And here's a list of prohibited items:

  • Cannabis resin
  • Opium
  • Products of chemical industries
  • Poisonous substances
  • Organic chemicals
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic products
  • Firework components
  • Wood products
  • Pornographic publications
  • Coins and medals
  • Money and legal tender

Please call a member of the team or contact us via the Contact Us page if you need more information. We're here to ensure your shipping to Germany goes as smoothly as possible. Get yourself a free online quote now or give us a call on +852 2724 6698.