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Pack Your Baggage – Do It Right!

Far be it from us to be patronising and tell you how to pack a bag but we thought it might be worth reminding you of the dos and don’ts. Plus it gives us a chance to tell you about our boxes which are brilliant by the way.

In fact, let’s start by talking about our boxes.

  • They’re chemically-hardened and designed specifically for long journeys and storage. They’re a much better option than the flimsy boxes you retrieved from the attic that look like they’d buckle under the weight of a throw-pillow.
  • The large packing box we supply is called a ‘Large Box’ or ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Large Box are 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width). This box is particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen and cuddly toys you’ve yet to grow out of.
  • The standard packing box is called a ‘Standard Box’ or ‘Book Box’. The dimensions of the Standard Box are 31cm (height), 51cm (length) and 41cm (width). This box is designed to accommodate the heavier items such as books, albums, files, CDs and hand tools.
  • Bear in mind that the maximum weight is 30kg. The ‘Instant Quote’ service will let you know of the maximum allowable weight for each box for the respective country destination.
  • Assembly and packing instructions can be found printed on the flap of every box so do have a read before packing.
    Remember not to exceed the maximum weight of 30kg (or 66 pounds) for each item or else a charge will be applied. If our driver is loading his van with your boxes and lifts a box that he considers heavier than 30kg (or 66 pounds), he may ask you to repack the items in another box.

If you have too many overweight boxes that need repacking, the driver will have no option but to shake his head and leave. He has a busy schedule, you see, so you will have to arrange another day for collection. There will be a charge for this too.

Order more boxes than you need. It’s better to have too many than not enough, right? If you find you have some boxes left over, we’ll just collect them to be reused with no extra charge. If you return a box that looks like it’s been used (either for moving or building a fort or whatever), there will an extra charge.

How To Pack Your Bags

So – packing.

  • First of all, if you suspect you’ve exceeded the maximum weight allowance of 30kg, just weigh them on the bathroom scales. If you stand on the scales holding the box, all you need to do is subtract your own weight from the total. Get it?
  • If you have any large items that do not fit our boxes, give us a ring – we’re always here to help and advise.
  • Something really important to remember is that the quarantine departments of some countries (including Australia and New Zealand) will check items such as boots, shoes, sports and camping equipment. Make sure you clean these items thoroughly and place them at the top inside the boxes thus making it easier for quarantine officials to inspect them.
  • If you’re packing valuable goods, we recommend checking out our baggage insurance. Peace of mind and all that.

Watch Our How to Pack Video

Check out our Support Videos page for more videos on how to pack your belongings. 

And for more information, chat to a member of our team, call us now on 0333 733 7337.