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Here is a brief step by step guide to explain how to send your excess baggage, luggage & personal belongings.

You can obtain an instant free quote and order online whether you are using your phone, tablet, laptop or call FREE on 0333 733 7337 and speak to one of our friendly team about what you need to send and where you would like to send it. We are available 24/7.

Once we have processed your order we will take a deposit on a debit or credit card to secure the booking and advise you on the remaining payment process. The amount you pay for the deposit is deducted from the shipping charge.

Boxes and packing materials will be delivered to you. If you are expecting a Seven Seas Worldwide driver then you will be sent an SMS informing you of the scheduled time on the evening before the collection. Or you can check your online dashboard. An email will be sent to you explaining how to log in.”

You will then pack these boxes along with any bags and suitcases you are also sending. We have no time limit on how long you take, it's up to you. However whilst you are packing please log in and complete the online documents which you can access from your dashboard. Please check our website for packing tips to ensure a safer and smoother journey!

If you are expecting one of our drivers, you will receive an SMS informing you of the estimated time of arrival on your preferred date. We will return to collect your packed boxes, bags and suitcases. All suitcases, along with bicycles, golf clubs, guitars and other similar items will also be boxed by us at no extra charge to ensure a safe transfer. Please have everything you are sending labelled with your job number, name and address.

Take your boxes to the hallway of your house or entrance of your building ready for collection.

We will contact you within 48 hours to clear the payment balance. Upon arrival at the new destination, you will receive notification from us to pay the destination charges and arrange the delivery of your shipment to your new address.