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Shipping luggage to South Africa: what you need to know

With beautiful all-year sunshine, lush scenery, great beaches and world-famous wildlife, South Africa is a country that deserves to be explored. Whether hiking with a friend, changing careers or starting a new life in the sun, you'll need to bring your belongings with you. Our international shipping services can help you do that.

With over 25 years of experience, we know the easiest and most stress-free way to ship your boxes, bags and baggage all around the world. Plus, we cover all the biggest cities in South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Soweto, and Pretoria. Get a free instant quote now to learn how easy global luggage shipping can be.

Shipping your boxes and baggage internationally for over 25 years

As a leading luggage shipping provider, with depots across the globe, we know how to make shipping from Malaysia to South Africa easy. From the moment you create a quick quote to the day we deliver your possessions, we guide you through the entire process each step of the way. Read on for some of the benefits of sending your belongings with our international shipping company:

  • Collection from your home: we can deliver empty, secure shipping boxes straight to your door, collect them once packed, and safely transport them to your destination.
  • Free storage: unique among shipping companies, we offer secure storage of your goods for up to two weeks in both your country of origin and South Africa.
  • No hidden charges: avoid nasty surprises at your destination. Using our free online quote tool, you can view a complete breakdown of services, including customs clearance and handling - 100% transparency for your goods' entire journey.
  • GPS tracking: use our online tracking tool to watch your shipment's journey every step of the way.
  • We take care of customs clearance: you can completely relax due to our considerable knowledge of local customs processes. We will pick up your belongings, guide them through customs at your destination country and then deliver them to your new address.


Shipping to Canada from the UK


How shipping boxes and bags to South Africa works

Number one

Free online quick quote
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty shipping boxes or MoveCube®, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll transport your shipment to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't take our word for it

Our customers love us!

Transit times for shipping to South Africa from the UK*


By sea

99 days

*estimated timings dependent on global shipping circumstances

We make the South African customs process simple

With over 25 years of global shipping experience, we know the best way to ship your luggage to South Africa from Malaysia. However, there are a few important customs regulations to be aware of.

We provide all the documentation you need to clear South African customs via your online account. Once logged in, complete the following:

  • An inventory to itemise everything contained in your shipment
  • Insurance to cover your goods in case of an unfortunate mishap (optional)
  • A questionnaire to determine which customs channel you will use
  • Customs forms to clear your shipment into South Africa
  • Scans of your passport and South African ID

If you need assistance at any stage, our multilingual customer support team are available to answer any questions.

Your goods might qualify for customs duty-free status if one of the following applies:

  • You are returning to South Africa to live after a period longer than six months and are present in the country when your goods arrive.
  • You are travelling on a foreign passport and have arrived to settle or work.

If none of the above applies, you must pay duties and taxes on your shipment. Please reference our South African Customs Advice for further information.

If you need assistance at any stage, our multilingual customer support team are available to answer any questions.
Couple looking up South African customs regulations online

Importing electrical items

The NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) has declared that all electrical items imported into South Africa must have a “manufacturer licence.” It is your responsibility to provide a license for each electrical item in your shipment, for example, a hair dryer, TV, games console, etc. Until you provide all licenses, your shipment will be held in a customs bond and incur very high storage charges.  

Seven Seas Worldwide is committed to transparent pricing but cannot give a definitive Destination Charge for such an open-ended commitment. Therefore, we have reluctantly decided to refuse any electrical items in our sea shipments to South Africa. 


FAQs on international shipping to South Africa

Here's how our international shipping services work in 6 simple steps:

  1. Generate a free online quote, place your order, and then pay the security deposit.
  2. Select a convenient date for the delivery of any packing materials or empty boxes.
  3. Securely pack your containers for shipping, and complete all online documentation, including scans of your passport and visa.
  4. We will collect your shipment. If you've ordered a MoveCube®, we'll bring it to be loaded and then take it to our nearest depot when complete.
  5. Once your Shipping and Transportation payment is received, we'll send your goods to South Africa.
  6. Upon arrival, pay your destination charge, then choose a suitable delivery time and date for your possessions.

Our multilingual customer support team are always on hand to offer help and advice.

We send your baggage shipment to South Africa by sea. The cheapest shipping costs are via sea, where your belongings will take around 99 days to arrive. As travelling by sea uses less CO2 emissions, this is also the kinder option for the planet.

Sending luggage abroad is less costly than you might think. We provide one of the cheapest international shipping options to South Africa. With just a few details entered and no obligation, our free instant quote tool delivers an itemised breakdown of what you can expect to pay.

For shipping household items, such as sofas, mattresses and cupboards to South Africa, your best option is our MoveCube®. Available in Small, Medium or Large, the MoveCube® acts as your secure personal shipping container. You can fill it with boxes, bags, musical instruments, sports equipment, personal items and lots more.

With Seven Seas Worldwide, you can ship most household goods, big or small. Current restrictions, however, mean that you may not transport electrical equipment via sea to South Africa. Read our Prohibited Goods before packing for a complete list of what you can and cannot ship.

To ensure your goods arrive via the quickest and most efficient method possible, all shipping and air routes are predefined and cannot be altered.

Which boxes and packaging are best for international shipping?

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we strive to make your shipping experience as pain-free as possible. One of the ways we do this is by supplying you with sturdy and durable shipping boxes to pack your belongings. Our chemically-hardened, double-walled cardboard containers come in Standard and Large sizes (see below for dimensions).

There is a generous weight allowance of 30kg/66lbs per box, but please weigh each container on bathroom scales. Doing so is for the safety of both you and our driver. If a box is over the limit, spread the weight to a lighter container. We also offer bespoke, secure shipping boxes for larger items like golf clubs, bicycles and skis.

Perhaps you need to send larger items overseas, like furniture? In that case, our International MoveCube® service is your most cost-effective option.

Large cardboard shipping box

Large box

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Sports equipment
  • Clothes
  • Bedding 
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard box

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Files and papers
  • Books
  • Children's toys

How to securely pack boxes for shipping abroad

The only way to guarantee your goods arrive at their destination fully intact is to pack them as carefully and diligently as possible. We've put together a 4-step packing guide that will transform you into a packing wizard! Check out our Insurance Policies, too, for complete peace of mind.


Number one icon

Don't hold back on packing materials:

Gather all your packing supplies, such as tape, a knife, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. You may use your own containers to pack, but please avoid plastic storage tubs, bin liners and laundry bags as they are likely to rip and break, damaging your goods.

For increased security, use the packing materials we provide. Our chemically-hardened cardboard boxes have been specifically designed to protect your belongings during long and often bumpy trips abroad.


Parcel tape works wonders:

Strengthen the base of your boxes with plenty of parcel tape. We recommend three layers on the bottom, and if you see a gap, cover it with even more tape! Cover each item as you pack in generous amounts of bubble wrap, and secure with more tape.

Use old newspaper or towels to secure gaps and avoid valuables knocking into each other. Once you feel everything fits in snugly, close the lid and seal it the same as the base. 


Complete the inventory as you pack:

The safest way to remember what you are packing is to complete your online inventory simultaneously. Customs officials in South Africa will see this document, so accuracy is necessary.

Next, with a marker pen, write on two sides of each box your name, the specific box number, the job number, and the destination country and city.


Prepare your boxes for collection:

After arranging a collection date for your goods, weigh each box on bathroom scales. Each container must be within the limit of 30kg/66lbs for your and our driver's safety. If a box is over the limit, remove some items and place them in a lighter container.

Finally, once your goods are packed and ready to go, take them as close to the entrance of your building as possible, ready for our driver on collection day.

Excellent, everything is just excellent. Smooth communication, wonderful team. No stress. I have been using Seven Seas Worldwide for over a decade now.



Travel Guide: where to visit in South Africa

Famous for its welcoming people and natural wildlife, South Africa is a rewarding country full of vibrant sights, sounds, and adventures. From safari tours to luscious beaches, swimming with dolphins to mountain climbing, South Africa has something for everyone to enjoy. Here are our four must-visit destinations:


Map pin

Cape Town

Affectionately known as the "Mother City", Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa, spanning over 300 years. Experience stunning mountains, safari walks, cruises, and streets full of passionate culture.

Best time to visit: Cape Town is best experienced in the beautiful summer months, from December to March. Be sure to book in advance, as local school holidays also happen around this time.

How to get around: there is plentiful public transport, including the Metrorail and Golden Arrow Bus networks. However, as both close early in the evening, a more reliable option is car rental.

Neighbourhoods to know: take epic holiday snaps in vibrant Bo-Kaap, where every house is a different colour. Head to Campus Bay for bars, restaurants, and nightlife. For a more family-friendly destination, Sea Point is full of play parks, pools, and cycle routes.

Things to do: hike to the top of Table Mountain for jaw-dropping, cloud-flecked views over the city. Get up, close and personal with wild penguins in their natural habitat at Boulders Beach and visit Stellenbosch for a wine-tasting tour.

Map pin

Kruger National Park

Experience the full breadth of Africa's wildlife in one stunning, natural location! One of South Africa's most popular destinations, Kruger National Park has everything from lions and hippos to 517 species of birds.

Best time to visit: with heavy rains in the summer, the park's best viewing conditions come during the dry season, from May to October. Vegetation is sparse at this time, making animals easier to spot!

How to get around: explore 2.2 million hectares of wildlife via an extensive network of reliable roads in a rented car or take an open-vehicle guided tour (if you dare). Many safari tours include food, transport to and from local airports and lodging. The entire package!

Things to do: if you want to break from safaris, there are several alternative options. Fun activities include mountain biking, backpacking, golf, eco-trails and bird spotting. Why not try caving by candlelight with an atmospheric trip through the depths of Sabie's caves that the whole family can enjoy?

Map pin


With a population of more than 5.5 million, Johannesburg is South Africa's biggest and most progressive city. Buzzing with culture, breweries, and artisan food, there's no shortage of things to see and do.

Best time to visit: if you'd like to avoid the busy tourist season yet still enjoy relatively warm weather, we recommend either March to May or September to November.

How to get around: constantly expanding, Joburg offers an array of travel options. The train is well connected to all the tourist hot spots, while buses are best suited to journeys from the suburbs to the city centre. 

Neighbourhoods to know: head to the northern suburbs for high-end accommodation and up-and-coming developments. Melville and Parkhurst are cheaper options, with lively street life and family-owned businesses. In Soweto, you can visit the famous former home of Nelson Mandela.

Things to do: take a walking tour of Maboneng market, a bustling on-the-rise inner-city project. Visit Maboneng's Market on Main for an array of arts, crafts and local delicacies. Alternatively, experience the Apartheid Museum for a touching look at racial segregation in South Africa.

Map pin


Durban is a gorgeous coastal town dominated by its 3.7-mile sandy beach. Discover exotic restaurants, hotels, and fun things to see and do, including snorkelling, bustling markets, and stunning views.

Best time to visit: with extremely hot and humid summers, the best time to visit Durban is in the cooler months of April to September. Don't worry, temperatures will still hit a bearable high of 24°C!

How to get around: Durban is a very walkable city, with so much to take in everywhere you go. There are many bus services in the city centre to get around. However, several hotspots in the north and south of the coast are not accessible via bus, making car rental an excellent option.

Neighbourhoods to know: Durban Central is the most popular tourist hotspot, filled with museums, markets and a vibrant beachfront. For a more laid-back vibe, Amanzimtoti is a welcoming coastal town just outside Durban, full of surf, sand, and swimming.

Things to do: hire a bike or ride the Funworld cable car by the beachfront and witness dolphins. Sample the famous Durban creation, the Bunny chow - hollowed-out bread filled with curry and salad. Or, if you're brave enough, jump from the top of Moses Mabhida Stadium!