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Loading a MoveCube® in 4 simple steps

If you're looking to make the big move across the country or the world, our MoveCube® is your new best friend. Acting as your dedicated shipping container, we can deliver it straight to your door, ready for you to fill up. From white goods and furniture to bedding, books, and bikes, the MoveCube® can transport your household items safely and securely.

 We've put together an easy-to-follow 4-step guide explaining the most straightforward and stress-free way to load a MoveCube®. Learn about the various sizes of MoveCube®, what you cannot take, the best way to pack and load your goods, and much more!

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1. MoveCube® dimensions and loading times

Available in Small, Medium, and Large, the MoveCube® is dependable and robust. If you realise more than 24 hours before collection day that you have fewer or more things than expected, please get in touch, and we’ll change the size of the container. Similarly, if you fill the MoveCube® and still have a few items remaining, we can ship your extra belongings via our Boxes and Bags Shipping service.

Be sure to factor in how much time it will take to load and unload on collection and delivery days, as it can take longer than you think. Why not ask your friends and family to help lighten the load?

Below are the dimensions of each MoveCube® and estimated loading and unloading times.

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 2.264m

B - 61cm

Load time - 120 mins
Unloading time - 60 mins

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 1.114m

B - 61cm

Load time - 90 mins
Unloading time - 45 mins

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.114m
L - 0.964m

B - 61cm

Load time - 60 mins
Unloading time - 30 mins


2. Be aware of what you cannot send

To avoid costly delays, please refer to the customs advice of your destination country, as depending on where you're going, you may be unable to ship items such as aerosols, electric scooters, and beauty products.

Due to strict customs regulations, take extra care when shipping to Australia and New Zealand. No organic materials may enter either country to protect the environment and its citizens.

Avoid potential fines by thoroughly cleaning everything you plan to ship, especially items at high risk of dirt, such as shoes and outdoor equipment. Shoes, in particular, will almost certainly be checked by quarantine officials. For easy access by officials, place them at the entrance of the MoveCube® in the white Standard box we provide.

Packing receptacles to avoid include used boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, bin bags and plastic storage tubs. You cannot ship food under any circumstances. For a full breakdown of what can and cannot be shipped, please reference our Prohibited Goods.

If you are transporting a piano, we cannot help you load it due to a lack of correct equipment. Professional piano movers are your safest option.

Couple checking customs regulations on a tablet


3. Planning and packing

Before the MoveCube® loading day, we will deliver your free Starter Pack containing a measuring tape to accurately record dimensions, a parcel tape dispenser and brown tape, a box cutting knife, and three floor sheets. We also provide any additional packing materials you've ordered.

The floor sheets reflect the dimensions of a Small, Medium, and Large MoveCube®. Lay them on the ground against a wall to estimate what to pack. Placing masking tape on the wall to mark the height of the MoveCube® further increases accuracy and keeps boxes stable.

Pack everything well before the MoveCube® delivery day, or hire a professional packer/domestic mover to do it for you. We suggest packing with our chemically-hardened, double-walled cardboard boxes for complete peace of mind. Available in two sizes, our Standard box is best for smaller and heavier items such as books, games consoles and toys. Our Large box is ideal for bigger and lighter goods like clothes, teddy bears, and bedding.

To safely and securely pack boxes, bags, suitcases and more, please reference How to pack a Standard or Large Box guide.

Couple packing a box ready to load into a MoveCube®
Couple wrapping a fragile items in bubble wrap

Ensure your containers are packed tightly, with each item inside as securely wrapped as possible, ideally in several layers of bubble wrap. Everything is at risk during a long trip, and bumps are unavoidable.

When packing white goods such as washing machines and fridges, take advantage of the free space inside for more packing. Clothing fits exceptionally well in such spaces. The same applies to cupboards and drawer space. Be sure to secure drawers and cabinets shut with tape. 

However, please drain washing machines, defrost and clean fridges of any food particles, and ensure both appliances are completely dry before loading them.

Before moving day, move all your packed goods as close to the exit to your home as possible. Our drivers must park as near your door as possible, ideally within 20 meters and keep the van within eyesight at all times. If required, please arrange parking permits.


4. Loading a MoveCube®

On delivery day, our experienced drivers can help move your goods and offer advice, but they cannot load the MoveCube® for you. It is your responsibility to fill the container safely.

Begin by stacking in layers from the bottom to the top. Loading the MoveCube® is like a fun game of Tetris. The challenge is to slot everything into place neatly, leaving nothing loose.

Place the heaviest and biggest things, such as beds and chests of drawers, at the bottom, and try to keep everything flat to support the level above.

For extra stability, place the heaviest items, such as white goods, at the bottom layer's middle. Keep lighter things on the top to avoid being crushed, and fill any gaps to limit the chance of movement during transit.

If placing furniture or anything wooden against the sides of the MoveCube®, add a layer of protection such as bubble wrap, removal blankets, or taped-down cardboard. Doing so avoids damage caused by rubbing against the walls during transit. Place furniture with doors or drawers against walls to prevent them from opening.

When packing belongings on wheels, such as a tool chest or wheelchair, lock the wheels to reduce the chance of movement.

To avoid damp inside the MoveCube®, ensure that anything you load is dry. If it rains on collection day, keep a towel handy to dry anything wet as you load into the MoveCube®.

Start by stacking in layers from the bottom to the top.
How to load a MoveCube® shipping container

Please place your heaviest goods, such as fridges and washing machines, in the centre of the MoveCube®, flat against the base.