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Moving Abroad Made Easy!

The International MoveCube® is a shipping container designed for moving overseas that we put inside a trailer and park outside your home. You load up the MoveCube® with your belongings and we then ship it to your chosen destination. It really is the easiest and most secure approach to moving abroad.

What are the advantages of a secure MoveCube® service?
  • A controlled worldwide network owned by Seven Seas Worldwide
  • No hidden charges
  • Free storage options
  • A three-part payment to help you budget
  • Total security and protection of your items from A-B
  • An online document system meaning no more paperwork!

For more details on this and other services, please get in touch via the Contacts page.

* Our secure MoveCube® service is only available in the areas around our local depots in the major cities. However, in order to assist those people much further outside the city, we also offer the opportunity to pack a MoveCube® at the Seven Seas Worldwide depot nearest to you.

Watch How The International MoveCube® Works*:

MoveCube Sizes

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 2.264m

B - 61cm

Volume - 6.20m3

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 1.114m

B - 61cm

Volume - 3.05m3

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.114m
L - 0.964m

B - 61cm

Volume - 2.01 m3

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Overseas Removal Service

Generate an online quote

Step 1

FREE 30 second quick quote

Delivery empty cardboard boxes

Step 2

We deliver your empty boxes.

Collection of packed boxes

Step 3

We collect your packed boxes

Transport by air

Step 4

Shipping & Transport

Transportation, inspection and clearance

Step 5

Inspection and clearance.

Delivering a MoveCube®

Step 6

We deliver to your chosen address.

  • Boxes & packing materials delivered to your address, included as part of the service
  • FREE storage for 2 weeks prior to shipping overseas
  • Open 24/7 and all services can be accessed online
  • Multi-lingual advisors to assist you
  • Track your shipment online using our online docs and tracking service

Not a problem at all with this company. Everything was easy from start to finish. Rather than hire a part container, we wanted to purchase for a space and then fit as much stuff as possible in it, so the large move cube was perfect. the predicted time for shipping from the UK to Sydney was 3 months although it came in 2.5 months and it was great fun for the kids checking in on the tracker to see where our ship was. stuff arrived undamaged and we would definitely recommend them again.

Toby Martin, August 2017