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International Relocation Made Simple

International Relocation

Whether you’re taking a business trip for 6-12 month contract overseas or embarking on a permanent move to another country, Seven Seas Worldwide will get the job done for international relocation, getting your belongings overseas safely and securely to anywhere in the world.

Personal Overseas Relocation

Seven Seas Worldwide can move your personal belongings across the globe or to the next street along! We will take care of your personal effects and make sure they are delivered to your new address in perfect condition. Ask about our fantastic MoveCube® for the easy, stress-free way to get your belongings door to door from A to B.

Moving Overseas With The MoveCube®: Step-By-Step Video

Take a look at our top relocation destinations and see how we can help you move your items from across the world.

International Student Moves

Our team can ship your backpacks, suitcases or boxes to university, back home or to any location you decide to travel to, and you can get group shipping with your mates to save a bundle. Even better, if you need to store some of your personal effects during extended holidays such as the summer break, Seven Seas Worldwide will collect your belongings from your student accommodation, store them in one of our safe storage facilities and redeliver them to your new address. We’re nice like that. Take a look at our full range of student shipping services to learn more.

Worldwide Excess Baggage Shipping

We can ship your excess baggage for any journey - an extra suitcases and bags abroad for a short holiday or getting things back home from any location around the globe. We can also store your baggage safely should you need somewhere to hold it until your arrival or return. Yep, we think of everything. Take a look at our baggage shipping services or grab an online quote today.

How To Send Excess Baggage Overseas

If you have specific issues regarding personal relocation, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1 877 817 7327 with your queries. Alternatively you can try our instant quote service and get the ball rolling right now.