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If you're moving from Singapore to France, having decided that the country's culture and relaxed lifestyle are good enough reasons for moving to France, you'd be well-advised to speak to us about moving your personal belongings and household goods.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Moving Service

Home Inspection

We'll visit you to show you a MoveCube® then assess your needs and explain the process. 

Now book your MoveCube(s)®

Call us FREE and book MoveCube(s)® altering the number of MoveCube(s)® to suit your needs. 

Packing and Loading

If you don't want to load the MoveCube(s)® we can arrange to do it all for you. 

Final Checks and Shipping

Your forms will be checked and your MoveCube(s)® prepared for shipping. Tracking is available online. 

Arrival and Delivery

Customs and Quarantine cleared. Delivered to your door and unload for FREE, if required. 

Moving to France with the MoveCube®

We've come up with a great idea to make moving abroad a piece of cake. It's called a MoveCube® and it's a door-to-door service that brings a mini shipping container to your home address for loading. It's sleek, sophisticated and will take the stress out of your move.

Here's what our prices include

This guarantees that there will be no hidden charges because Seven Seas Worldwide operates in both countries and consequently has first-hand knowledge as to the processes and costs of the procedures involved. (As with all shipments to Australia, there may be duty, taxes and cleaning charges to pay as a result of inspections by the authorities.)

This includes the delivery of your starter pack, the site inspection and the transferring of your MoveCube® to and from the designated locations.

This is delivered to your address to help you move: It consists of a measuring tape (3m), a tape dispenser, one roll of parcel tape, a knife, and a black marker pen.

Yes, you can store your items in our secure storage facilities in either the UK or Australia, free of charge for two weeks, if required. Alternatively if you choose our Large MoveCube® you can enjoy up to six weeks free storage.

Our driver will assist you with loading and unloading of your MoveCube.

Should you decide to return to us to transfer more items via the MoveCube® you can take advantage of our 10% discount off your transport and shipping costs. Talk to a member of our team for details.

We offer a three-part payment to help you budget: We will not demand one full payment in advance of collection. The charges will be staggered to help you find your feet when you arrive.

Watch How We Move You To France:

Call the team today on 8001 86 66 98 or get an instant quote now via our handy, free-to-use freight calculator.


And a final word on decluttering. Before you assemble the boxes and unfurl the bubble wrap, take a moment to think about what you're going to take and what you should leave behind with the aid of our decluttering guide.

If you need a little guidance on why the MoveCube® is better than other containers, check out our pages that pits the MoveCube® vs the Container and the MoveCube® vs the International Remover!