Shipping to Taiwan

Shipping to Taiwan

Are you sending personal belongings or excess baggage to Taiwan? Speak to Seven Seas Worldwide about shipping to Taiwan today. We've been shipping items all over the world for over twenty years. Whether you're going on holiday to Taiwan and need help with luggage or you're relocating to Taiwan with family for a new life overseas, we're here to lend a hand. Ship to Taiwan with people in the know.

Shipping Excess Baggage to Taiwan: Step-by-Step Video

Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for shipping to Taiwan?

It's a good point - so here are some reasons:

  • Airline baggage charges are increasing every year
  • By shipping your goods on the seas, we can keep the cost low while maintaining our green credentials
  • You'll be dealing with us from start to finish because we have a global network of depots
  • We collect, ship and deliver, door-to-door
  • We provide an online document system meaning no more paperwork!

Plus you can also get a free online quote in just 30 seconds for shipping to Taiwan with the help of our handy instant quote engine.

International Shipping To Taiwan

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a range of services to make your experience with us a memorable one (for the right reasons, obviously). They include excess baggage shipping, international money transfers, shipping insurance, bulk furniture and home removals (ask about our famous MoveCube for moving overseas and around the country).

Call our team today on 0508 21 66 98 and see how we can help you with shipping goods to Taiwan.

Things To Consider When Shipping To Taiwan

At the risk of sounding like a customs official, always be aware of the restrictions in place on certain goods when shipping to Taiwan. Here's a quick rundown of items that could incur hold-ups:

  • Plants
  • Medication
  • Foodstuff and seeds
  • Foreign currencies
  • Gold

And here's a list of prohibited items:

  • Narcotics (the penalty for drug-smuggling is execution, so we wouldn't advise it)
  • Fresh fruits or marine products
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives
  • Gambling tokens, lottery tickets, that sort of thing
  • Pornography

Check with the appropriate embassy if you are concerned about importing restricted or prohibited goods. For further assistance, contact a member of our team on 0508 21 66 98. We're here 24/7 and here to help. Or get a free online quote in just 30 seconds and let's start shipping to Taiwan today!