Shipping to Malaysia

Shipping to Malaysia

Send boxes weighing up to 60kg to Malaysia for just $199! We guarantee safe and secure door-to-door collection and delivery.

Shipping Excess Baggage to Malaysia: Step-by-Step Video

International Shipping to Malaysia

Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for your shipping to Malaysia?

Well we’re good at so many things that it’s difficult to know where to start but we’ll give it a go. Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Seven Seas Worldwide specialises in international shipping. We have a base in Malaysia and many more throughout the world 
  • We can take all sorts of consignments ranging from excess baggage to the contents of a small home.
  • We have a global network of depots and a comprehensive door-to-door service
  • We're one of the most affordable excess baggage companies around
  • We've been around for nearly twenty years and are experts in shipping - basically, we know our stuff

We provide the complete package: We drop off the free boxes and packing materials, you pack your items to your specifications and then we turn up once more to collect for shipping to Malaysia. As you begin your journey, your items will be winging their way to your chosen destination. Whether you want to ship to Malaysia for your holidays or start a new chapter working abroad, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to help.

Why not see how much you could save shipping to Malaysia by getting a quote in just 30 seconds via our online instant quote engine? It's free!

Shipping to Malaysia - Things to Consider

Make sure you're aware of the restrictions in place before sending your items to Malaysia. Remember, any complications will delay your shipment and incur possible extra charges. Nobody wants that. Restricted items include:

  • Precious metals
  • All plants (a Phytosanitary certificate and approval from the Ministry of Agriculture is required)
  • All electrical items (an import permit is required)
  • Coin reproductions
  • Unprocessed coral

Items that are banned from entering Malaysia include:

  • Human remains (such as ashes)
  • Obscene materials
  • Counterfeit or pirated materials such as DVDs
  • Hazardous or combustible substances
  • Firearms or parts thereof, together with ammunition

Just to let you know, there's more, Malaysia is covered by our excellent MoveCube® service. The MoveCube® is a large container inside a trailer which can move the contents of a two-bedroom flat. It's a very simple process whereby we drop the MoveCube® off at your door, you load it up with boxes and we return to collect it again to take to your chosen destination. Easy.

Shipping Household Goods to Malaysia: Step-by-Step Video

Should there be any questions you have about shipments or about the shipping process in general, you can always call a member of our team on 0508 21 66 98 or send an email. They're always happy to help. And remember, the online instant quote engine can be accessed right now, so see how much you can save shipping to Malaysia today!

Customer Review

Min, May 2018
New Zealand to Malaysia
"Shipped my belongings from New Zealand to Malaysia. Was a little worried due to mixed reviews but I had a wonderful experience. Called the service centre several times and staffs were helpful. My stuffs arrived less than 3 months (less than I expected), and in good condition. The tracker on the website also updates frequently so I was able to check on the status of my boxes all the time. Also received emails updating my location of the boxes. Boxes delivery, collecting in NZ were on time and very good service. Managed to send my boxes without having to travel around. Reasonable price, would recommend Seven Seas to students who needs to move. Thank you!"