Mini Movers For The Shorter Journeys

Mini Movers

Seven Seas Worldwide's expert mini movers are here for those moving personal items within the same country, town-to-town, city-to-city.

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Our Mini Move Service




30 second quick quote

Firstly decide what you are sending: are they personal effects: boxes, bags or suitcases? Or are you storing household items and furniture?

Secondly enter the location from where you are sending: country, town/city or postcode, and sending to: country, town/city or postcode?

Thirdly select what you want to send from our drop-down list.

Once you get the quote you can view our service along with with a detailed quote and no hidden charges.




Deliver FREE empty packing boxes

Once you have placed your order, you can arrange the delivery of FREE boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Our boxes are specially designed to withstand long journeys - don’t take any risks with your possessions.

• We give you a few extra boxes to make sure you have enough, just hand them back if you don't use them. You can also complete your shipping documentation online. The night before your booked delivery, we send you a delivery time.




Collect full packed boxes (and any not used)

You can book the collection online or give us a call. You can also complete the transportation documentation online.

• Like the delivery, a collection time is sent to you the night before your booked collection day. Please have your boxes taped up with the job number on each box, bag or suitcase ready at the door.



Your shipment will be transported via our own network, so no sharing with other companies: we only move personal effects and household items.




Delivery of full boxes to your address

Once your shipment has arrived, we will contact you to arrange a date for it to be returned to you. You can arrange the delivery online with the scheduled time of delivery sent to you the night before.

Delivery to your address will be made by our drivers in our vans.

Note: if your area is outside the operational coverage then we will have to use one of our partner companies and we may be unable to provide a scheduled time but you will be informed of this on your quote.

Watch Our Mini Move Service In Action

Whether you’re a student moving to a new city to study or a holidaymaker travelling the length of the country with family, Seven Seas Worldwide’s mini movers can be there for you, transporting any luggage or personal items you may deem too large or heavy to transport yourself. Hey, we can take it all if you want.

Talk to Our Mini Movers

Seven Seas Worldwide offers two services - Nationwide Mini Moves and City Moves.

Nationwide Mini Moves is a service designed for those moving within the same country, no matter what the distance. Whether you're moving from the deepest southern regions to the farthest north or vice versa, we have a man, a van and a plan (and a woman too, but that doesn't scan as well).

For City Moves, we offer the same service but within the same city; think of it like a cab service for your personal belongings. Take a look at the specialised pages for more information about what we have to offer the short traveller (short as in short distance, obviously).

Don't forget, if you need a bigger box to send your stuff in, try our MoveCubes which are small shipping containers brilliant for moving overseas.

Get a free online quote now or get in touch on 0508 21 66 98 to find out how we can help you on your journey.