What does 'Door-to-Depot' mean? | Baggage FAQS

The process is exactly the same as it is with 'Door-to-Door' until the shipment arrives at the port of the country to which the shipment is being sent.

So your boxes will be delivered to your address, allowing you to pack what you want and return any extra boxes you don't need (free of charge). You then complete the shipping documentation and pay the 'Transport and Shipping' charge.

When the shipment arrives, it will be held in a bonded warehouse, and you will be responsible to clear the shipment and have it collected. There is no free storage period so you'll have to plan ahead. Seven Seas Worldwide's responsibility ends once the shipment arrives. Legally we have fulfilled our contractual obligations and any further charges you experience are ones you will have to settle directly. Sorry, those are the rules.