What is the difference between a Standard Box and a Large Box? | Baggage FAQS

Good question. Here’s some info about our boxes.

Seven Seas Worldwide has its own boxes specially manufactured, we have 20 years experience and that allows us to demand boxes of the highest quality. These are true packing boxes with chemical hardening to make them the toughest boxes you will find. They are specifically made for the rigours of international shipping.

The Large Box
The large packing box we supply is called a ‘Large Box’ or ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Large Box are 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width). This box is particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen and sports equipment.

The Standard Box
The standard packing box is called a ‘Standard Box’ or ‘Book Box’. The dimensions of the Standard Box are 51cm (height), 41cm (depth) and 31cm (width). This box is designed to accommodate the heavier items such as books, albums, files, CDs, hand tools, that sort of thing.

Additional Box Info
It is important to bear in mind that the maximum weight is 30kg. The instant quote service will inform you of the maximum allowable weight for each box for the respective country destination.  Remember not to exceed the maximum weight of 30kg (or 66 pounds) for each item. If your box is over the maximum weight limit when weighed prior to shipping, an excess weight charge will be applied. 

To avoid potential additional charges you can weigh the boxes yourself before your collection day. Simply weigh yourself on your bathroom scales in kilograms or pounds, step off and grab one of your packed boxes and step back on the scales while holding it. The difference between your own weight and your weight while holding the box will give a good estimate of the box’s shipping weight.

There is no charge for unused and returned packing boxes. We recommend that you overestimate the number of boxes you think you will need. It’s better to have too many boxes than not enough. Of course, this is dependent on the condition of the boxes; providing they are unused and returned in pristine condition so we can use them again, there will be no extra charge.