Shipping Excess Baggage By Air

Baggage Air Freight

Seven Seas Worldwide can offer a fast, efficient air freight service via our established global network. Take a look below to see why we're leaders by air as well as by sea.

So why ship your baggage by air when our sea shipments are cheaper? Simple really. It's a matter of time.

If you have to get your items to your chosen destination within a certain deadline Seven Seas Worldwide's established air service is here to make sure they arrive on time. But what else can we provide as part of this service?

  • You can order a variety of boxes from us including FREE packing materials
  • We’ll drop off the boxes at your address so you can pack them to your requirements
  • Arrange a collection date with us and we’ll arrive to collect your excess baggage
  • We'll then whisk your items away via our air service to your chosen destination
  • We've been shipping excess baggage by air for two decades - we're a name you can trust

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Baggage Air Shipping Service




30 second quick quote

Firstly decide what you are sending: is it personal effects such as boxes, bags or suitcases or household items like furniture?

Secondly enter the location from where you are sending: country, town/city or postcode, and to where you’re sending: country, town/city or postcode?

Thirdly select what you want to send from our drop-down list.

Once you get the quote you can view our services with our clear and transparent pricing by air or sea and no hidden charges.




Deliver FREE empty packing boxes

Once you have placed your order, you can arrange a delivery of FREE boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Our boxes are specially designed to withstand long journeys - don’t take any risks with your possessions.

We give you a few extra boxes to make sure you have enough, just hand them back if you don't use them. You can also complete your shipping documentation online. The night before your booked delivery, we send you a delivery time.




Collect full packed boxes (and any not used)

You can book the collection online or give us a call if you have any questions.

Like the delivery, a collection time is sent to you the night before your booked collection day. Please have your boxes taped up with the job number on each box, bag or suitcase ready at the door.

Please let us know if you need to delay shipping, you have 2 weeks’ free storage with this service.




Shipping & transport

If you are using our air service, then your shipment is sent as part of our own large air console.

All items are sent within Seven Seas Worldwide network: one group of companies (owned by the founders of Seven Seas Worldwide) from start to finish; same processes, same people with no franchisee and no agents.

If plans change we can store your shipment until you need it or redirect to a different address.



Inspection and clearance

We clear your shipment through the relevant customs departments and any environmental authorities. All charges are as you were originally quoted with no surprises.

Once cleared, your shipment will be moved within our national network to our depot closest to your address.



Deliver full boxes to your address

You can arrange the delivery online or we will contact you directly. Once again the scheduled time of delivery will be sent to you the night before.

Delivery by our drivers in our vans to your address.

Note: if your area is outside the operational coverage then we will have to use one of our partner companies and we may be unable to provide a scheduled time but you will be informed of this on your quote.

Excess Baggage Insurance

Oh and don't forget to look at our baggage insurance options. We're a great company, you know, absolutely terrific - don't take our word for it, read the authentic voice of our customers on TrustPilot - it's just that sometimes things happen on the seas that are out of our control so it's worth looking at what we have to offer.

How To Pack Excess Baggage

If you decide Seven Seas Worldwide is the excess baggage company for you - and why wouldn't you? - do check out our advice page on how to pack your bags and boxes. We think there are few things you might not be aware of. And check out our Baggage FAQs and Videos for just about everything else you could ever want to know about sending bags with Seven Seas Worldwide.

This is just a small selection of the countries to which we ship! Give us a call now to discuss your air baggage shipping needs on 0508 21 66 98 or get a free quote online in just 30 seconds via our easy-to-use freight calculator. 

Oh and please be aware: The items you ship must be personal effects only! If you have items that do not fall under the heading of personal effects, then give us a call and we will provide advice and guidance.