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If you're moving your belongings from A to B and need a place to store them in between, Seven Seas Worldwide offers an affordable and more convenient storage solution.

We all lead busy lives these days, don't we? Sometimes we need a little help along the way - particularly when moving home - yet the big names in self-storage don't help out as much as they perhaps should.

From our experience, a lot of customers need a place to store their belongings before moving them to the new home address. This is a potentially stressful process to undertake because it requires a lot of time, effort and added expense if you factor in removal van hire. So we at Seven Seas Worldwide have thought long and hard about the best way to make what could be an anxious period into a relatively smooth and stress-free experience. And we came up with Store and Ship.

The one thing that was made clear to us from the beginning was how none of the big self-storage firms help you out with transport. So this is what we offer - a taxi service for your stuff! Once your items are boxed (with Seven Seas Worldwide boxes we hope) and ready to go, we'll drop by in a van or a StoreCube™ and collect them to transfer to a storage facility of ours that is closest to you. When you're ready to send your belongings to your new address - nationwide or overseas - just give us a call to arrange time, date and location and we'll deliver them to your door. No other self-storage firm does this. And that's Store and Ship in a nutshell.

You'll never have to visit a self-storage building in person ever again. Think about that for a moment. If you'd like to store and ship with us, get in touch today or get a free online quote now via our freight calculator.

Helpful, no issues during the process. Easy to contact throughout the process. Helpful in answering questions. Package arrived within the suggested time frame.

Grant, March 2019