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You students, you're always on the move: Travelling between semesters, journeying back home for the holidays from Stellenbosch, moving to new student accommodation. Luckily we are on hand for every occasion - and we'll keep the cost down too. 

Yes, we know, we're called 'Seven Seas Worldwide'. We're an international company with a vast shipping network sending thousands of items all over the world every day. But that doesn't mean we can't help with the smaller journeys in Stellenbosch and throughout South Africa such as the trip from your parents' home to your new student flat or assisting you with your luggage when you take a trip between semesters.

Our fleet of vehicles are here to serve all students in Stellenbosch, handling personal belongings, excess baggage and household items at your request. You see, we've set up a service called Mini Moves, designed specifically for those shorter (but no less important) journeys, collecting, storing and delivering your personal belongings, door-to-door. We've also developed a revolutionary stress-free approach to moving home called The Domestic MoveCube®, a mini shipping container inside a trailer that is brought directly to your home for any type of house-move.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Student Shipping Service

Generate an online quote

Step 1

FREE 30 second quick quote

Delivery empty cardboard boxes

Step 2

We deliver your empty boxes.

Collection of packed boxes

Step 3

We collect your packed boxes

Transport by air

Step 4

We transport by air, sea and land.

Transportation, inspection and clearance

Step 5

Inspection and clearance.

Delivering a MoveCube®

Step 6

We deliver to your chosen address.

How Student Shipping To Stellenbosch Works:

If you're a student and you need to move personal items from A to B (and back again), take a look at what Seven Seas Worldwide has to offer:

  • Packing materials provided including boxes, bubble wrap and parcel tape
  • Delivery of those packing materials to you in Cape Town, allowing you to pack your items before we return to collect them
  • Clear and transparent prices with a detailed quote and no nasty surprises
  • Collections made from your address and delivered to your new address within our nationwide transport network
  • We offer a safe and secure storage service should you need your boxes and bags stored before moving
  • Payment will be requested at the end of your storage period with no monthly invoices issued
  • All delivery and collection times will be sent to you the night before so you know when our drivers are coming - and it WILL be our drivers; we don't use third party contractors
  • Our customer service team are available on the phone 24/7, calling 0800 21 66 98, though you can arrange the whole process online via our easy-to-use quote engine

Get in touch today. We'd be happy to hear from you!