Commercial FAQs and Videos

We’ve compiled a list of commercial shipping FAQs and videos that we think you may want to know the answer to. Take a look.

How Does Your Commercial Service Work?

Our Commercial Service operates like our other services, collecting, shipping and delivering your items, all over the world. The only difference is in the cost and the contents of the boxes! We're a cheaper and much greener option compared to air freight companies. Take a look at how we operate.

How Big are the Cubes?

The MoveCube® and StoreCube™ both come in three sizes depending on the consignment you are shipping. Our videos below explain all you need to know.


Why aren't you associated with PMA?

All your shipments are moved within the Seven Seas Worldwide Group, which is based in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and the UK, where the Head Office is located. This is a unique structure within the international relocation industry where in almost all cases a shipment is received by either an entirely independent company or a franchisee company operating under a brand. We are a centrally-controlled network under the same ownership throughout the group.

Therefore whether you call us in South Africa, Singapore or New Zealand, you will be dealing with the same group with the same operational procedures in every country and if it does change, we will tell you.

It was for this reason that we could not see the advantage of being part of local removals association such as PMA, since there was little they could provide us that we did not already have in place.