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Trusted with your shipments for over 25 years

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We handle the quarantine and customs clearance process

All you need to know about shipping from the Netherlands to Germany

Situated on the northern-central tip of the mainland, Germany is at the beating heart of all things Europe. Visitors flock here yearly for colourful festivals and historical World Heritage sites. From bustling Christmas markets to the beer-soaked Oktoberfest, Deutschland has something for everyone.

Whether you're starting an exciting new job, attending university or travelling, you'll want as many home comforts with you as possible. That's where our international shipping company comes in. Our boxes, bags and luggage shipping services cover all the major towns and cities in Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. 

With over 25 years of experience shipping your personal belongings worldwide, we offer affordable rates, dedicated customer support and a stress-free helping hand. 

A trusted luggage shipping service for over 25 years

From sending clothes to sports equipment, we have designed our international shipping services with simplicity and zero stress in mind. You can arrange everything from the comfort of your home on any online device. We'll then come to your door, collect your boxes, bags and suitcases and deliver them to their destination.

Keep reading for more ways we make sending luggage abroad easy:

  • Free secure storage: there's no need to rush! We offer two weeks of free storage in both your origin country and our Belgium depot before relocation to Germany.
  • Zero hidden fees: thanks to our global network of depots, we manage the entire process. Start with a quick free quote today for a transparent cost breakdown before booking.
  • Online tracking: we understand that watching your personal effects disappear over the horizon can be daunting. Use our helpful online tracking tool to monitor your shipment's worldwide journey for increased peace of mind.
  • We handle customs clearance: with over 25 years of experience, including in-depth local knowledge, we deal with the customs process for you. All you need to do is pack and complete your online documentation.
  • Friendly customer service: our customer support team can offer help and advice throughout your shipping journey.


A couple booking our international shipping services


Ship boxes to Germany in 5 easy steps

Number one

Free online quick quote
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty shipping boxes or MoveCube®, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll transport your shipment to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love us!


How big are our high-quality shipping boxes?

Our chemically-hardened cardboard boxes are robust and reliable, offering your belongings the utmost protection during long journeys. See below for exact dimensions and packing suggestions for our popular Large and Standard containers. If you have any containers left over in brand-new condition, we'll collect them for free.

Specially-shaped boxes from the same quality cardboard are also available for bulkier items, such as sports goods and musical instruments. Before collection, please safely prepare such items so we can pack them at our depot.

You may use your own storage containers. But please avoid laundry bags, plastic crates, used food boxes and bin liners, as they can break easily and damage the rest of your possessions. Do you wish to send large household items or bulky equipment, such as kitchen appliances or furniture? If so, your most cost-effective option is our international removals service, the MoveCube®.

Large cardboard shipping box

Large box

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Sports equipment
  • Clothes
  • Bedding 
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard box

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Files and papers
  • Books
  • Children's toys

German customs regulations explained

As an established luggage shipping service, we know the most straightforward and stress-free way to send luggage to Germany from the Netherlands. However, there are a few customs regulations and processes to remember when importing personal effects.

To protect its citizens and environment, Germany has a list of banned items. Before packing, please reference our regularly updated Prohibited Items page to avoid potential customs duties.

Begin by logging into your online account. From here, you can access the documentation needed to clear customs, including;

  • An Inventory that itemises everything in the shipment. Accuracy is a must, as Germany's customs authority will see it.
  • Optional insurance forms to protect your goods in the rare case of a mishap.
  • Relevant customs forms to clear the shipment.
  • Scans of the shipment owner's passport picture and signature pages.

Used personal items may be imported into Germany duty and tax-free as long as they are at least six months old. If you are arriving from an EU country, there are no customs or duties on personal items providing they are for your own use and not for resale. If arriving from a Non-EU country, the maximum value of personal effects you may import is €430. Anything over this amount will be liable to duties and taxes of 19%.

Please visit the German government's website for a comprehensive, up-to-date breakdown of all customs rules. If you need further help, our multilingual customer support team can answer any questions. 


To protect its citizens and environment, Germany has a list of banned items. Before packing, please reference our regularly updated Prohibited Items page to avoid potential customs duties.
Woman packing books into shipping boxes


FAQs on our overseas shipping services to Germany

Shipping from the Netherlands to Germany is easy when booking with our worldwide shipping company. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Begin with a free quick quote for a cost breakdown of all stages of your shipment's journey. Then, place an order, pay the upfront deposit and select a date so we can deliver any boxes and packing materials you've requested.
  2. Pack your items and complete your online documents. Then, let us know a suitable date for collection.
  3. Once you've made your Shipping and Transportation payment, we'll ship your belongings to your destination and clear them through customs. Lastly, pay your destination charge and arrange a date for us to deliver your shipment to your new address.

Your belongings will take 20 days to arrive in Germany via our International Boxes and Bags Shipping service. Transit time begins when your Shipping and Transportation fee is paid and ends when your possessions arrive at the destination port.

You can send most personal effects overseas using our boxes and bags shipping service. Plus, bulky items, like road bikes, golf clubs, and guitars.

However, to protect their borders and citizens, each country has a list of items you cannot import. Please reference our Prohibited Goods page while you pack to avoid any unnecessary fines or delays.

Used personal effects can be imported into Germany duty and tax-free as long as they are at least six months old and not to be resold. However, if you are arriving from a non-EU country, the maximum value must not exceed €430. Anything over this amount will be liable to duties and taxes of 19%.

Please reference our Prohibited Goods page for up-to-date information.

Booking our international shippers doesn't have to break the bank! We ship your personal possessions worldwide at an affordable and manageable cost.

However, rates will depend on how much you wish to send and your present location. Use our free quote tool for a cost breakdown specific to your needs in just a few minutes.

To ensure your goods arrive via the quickest and most efficient method possible, all shipping and air routes are predefined and cannot be altered.


How long does shipping to Germany from the Netherlands take?*


By land

20 days

*estimated timings dependent on global shipping circumstances


How to securely pack boxes for international shipping

Hiring a professional packing service is the best way to ensure your prized possessions arrive unscathed.

If packing yourself, set aside plenty of time to wrap each item and follow our handy 4-point guide below. For further in-depth packing tips, check out our How to choose a box for shipping and Preparing large items for collection pages. 


Build a solid foundation:

Gather all your packing materials together, such as a marker pen, parcel tape and bubble wrap. Then, secure the base of your box by folding in the small flaps, then the large flaps, and sealing them tightly with several layers of overlapping parcel tape. Avoid using sellotape as it is simply too weak!

With more parcel tape, seal any exposed edges and tightly wrap around the bottom of your container. Once full, repeat the same process to secure the lid.

Gently wrap fragile items:

Cover all items in bubble wrap and use several layers for fragile and valuable items, such as picture frames and ornaments. Place heavy items at the bottom, with lighter goods on top and away from the sides of your container.

If you see any gaps, fill them with soft materials like packing paper or towels. Give your box a little shake. Add more soft materials to avoid damage during transit if you hear anything move.

Fill in your online inventory:

While packing, log into your account and complete the inventory - an itemised list of everything in your containers. Doing so helps customs officials and ensures you don't pack anything prohibited.

Using a marker pen, write the job number, box number, and shipment owner's destination country and city on two sides of each container. Double-check your inventory as you write to ensure accuracy.

Prepare for collection day:

To protect both you and our driver, the weight of each box or bag must not exceed 30kg/66lbs. Weigh each container on bathroom scales one at a time. If you are over the limit, remove some items and place them in a lighter container.

Finally, take all your boxes, bags and suitcases as close to the entrance of your building as possible. Doing so ensures a smooth collection day for you and our driver.

An amazing service from Seven Seas Worldwide. From our initial interaction to the booking of the service, I have nothing but praise. It's been a pain-free experience. The staff were very helpful. Delivery and collections were punctual. I'm looking forward to our delivery in Germany.



Top tourist attractions and things to do in Germany

Germany is a captivating country full of lush natural beauty, delicious food and historical sites. From street festivals and cool cafes to famous monuments and medieval buildings, Deutschland has it all.

Here are just a few must-visit destinations in Germany's most popular cities:



With a population of around 3.7 million people, Berlin is the largest city in Germany and one of the largest cities in Europe. The country's capital is a cultural and political hub known for its vibrant arts scene, nightlife, green parks and diverse population.

Visit what's left of the wall: the Berlin Wall is the most famous symbol of the Cold War. Visitors can explore the many sections that are still standing and take in the Berlin Wall Memorial to learn about its historical impact.

Snap a pic of a lifetime: built in the late 18th century, the neoclassical Brandenburg Gate is a stunning landmark of Germany's past. Today, it's a popular spot for tourists to take pictures and learn about Berlin's history.

Catch a just-released film: the Berlin International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Lasting ten days each February, it showcases around four hundred films, including independent features, documentaries, and shorts.

Eavesdrop on new laws: the Reichstag Building, home of the German parliament, is an impressive example of modern architecture. Visitors can take a guided tour of this eye-catching glass dome to learn about the history of the building and its role in German politics.


Hamburg is home to the second-largest port in Europe and is a central hub of Germany's international trade. One of the most fascinating cities in the country, Hamburg is best known for its thriving music scene, lush green spaces and stunning architecture.

Relive your youth: Miniatur Wunderland is the world's largest model railway. It features intricate replicas of famous cities and landscapes from around the world - a joy to behold for kids and big kids alike.

See a show in style: the Elbphilharmonie is a 354ft tall concert hall and a newly-iconic addition to Hamburg's skyline. It offers breathtaking views of the city and hosts world-class concerts and events.

Climb a baroque spire: St. Michaelis Church is one of Hamburg's most recognisable landmarks. Tourists can climb the tower to enjoy 132-meter-high panoramic city views or attend a classical music performance.

Talk to the animals: one of the oldest zoos in Germany, Tierpark Hagenbeck is home to over 1,800 animals of 200 different species. Explore 19 hectares of land, a large aquarium and a tropical house full of exotic birds, reptiles and plants.


Munich (München) is the capital city of Bavaria, in the southern part of Germany. Known for its stunning landmarks, many museums, and endless shopping districts, you'll never tire of things to see and do.

Sample endless beers and sausages: dating back to 1810, Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival. It is held annually in late September and early October. The festival attracts millions of visitors from around the world who come for hearty Bavarian food and a wide variety of lager.

See the biggest glockenspiel in Germany: Marienplatz is a central square in Munich's old town. It is home to the famous Glockenspiel, a clock tower that puts on a musical performance with figurines twice a day. Visitors can also admire the stunning Gothic-style Old Town Hall.

Explore the castle of your dreams: Neuschwanstein Castle is a tourist hotspot. Built by King Ludwig II in the 19th century, the castle is a stunning example of Romantic architecture. Rumour has it that Walt Disney based Cinderella's Castle on it!

Kick back in a gorgeous park: Englischer Garten is one of the world's largest urban parks. Discover numerous walking and cycling paths, beer gardens, a lake, and a Japanese tea house.


Often referred to as the "Manhattan of Germany", Frankfurt is famous for its modern skyline. Germany's financial hub, including the European Central Bank, boasts many high-rise buildings. Frankfurt is also known for its cultural attractions, exotic gardens, and many festivals.

Take a stroll through history: the Römerberg is the historic heart of Frankfurt. Experience charming mediaeval buildings, including the famous Römer, which has served as city hall since the Middle Ages.

Experience jaw-dropping architecture: Frankfurt Cathedral was built in the 14th and 15th centuries. This Gothic cathedral features a striking red sandstone exterior, a 95-metres-tall ornate spire and intricate stained-glass windows.

Explore the work of geniuses: the Städel Museum is home to an impressive collection of European art from the 14th century to the present day. Discover breathtaking works by some of the most famous artists in history, including Rembrandt, Monet, and Picasso.

Feel like the king of the castle: head to the top of the Main Tower, Frankfurt's tallest skyscraper. The observation deck is 650 feet above the ground and provides spectacular views of the city and surrounding area.