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Seven Seas Worldwide are teaming up with BBM to bring you great discounts the next time you ship items to or from Australia, the UK or Ireland. We operate a first class shipping network throughout Australia, the UK and Ireland to ensure a safe and secure passage for your goods, door-to-door, whether you're travelling for a holiday or starting a new life abroad. You are entitled to a 5% discount in association with our friends at BBM. 

How our International Baggage Shipping Works

When it comes to moving excess baggage and personal belongings, Seven Seas Worldwide offers a reliable service, competitive prices and a friendly approach. We transport items within our own international shipping network guaranteeing a comprehensive collection and delivery service, door-to-door. We also offer unbeatable rates for storage as well as free boxes and packing materials to help you pack. 

How our International Removals Works

Seven Seas Worldwide has introduced new and innovative methods of getting your belongings and household furniture from A to B (and back again if you'd like). And the MoveCube® is perhaps the best example of this, as it provides a refreshing approach to household moves that minimises risk and maximises security. The MoveCube® is your own personal shipping container, designed for international and domestic moves that we bring directly to your door.

A major problem with some big name international couriers is the hiring out of third party agencies to complete jobs: Once they pick up your items and drop them off at a depot local to you, their part might be over. After that, it's up to other local courier companies to complete the journey, creating a breakdown in communication and leaving you at a loss as to who to talk to for updates or delivery arrangements. Suddenly the friendly face wearing the headset in the commercial doesn't seem so friendly anymore. Seven Seas Worldwide doesn't operate this way: When our MoveCube® turns up to take your items away, we can guarantee that a MoveCube® will be dropping them off at your chosen destination too.

Here's how a MoveCube® works:

  • The MoveCube® is your own personal small shipping container
  • They come in three different sizes and are designed for international and domestic moves
  • You can order as many as you want depending on the size of your shipment
  • Our driver will deliver the empty MoveCube(s)® to your address for loading and return later in the day to collect
  • Depending on the number of MoveCubes® you required, you can enjoy up to 4 weeks’ free storage
  • We offer a three-part payment plan to help you budget. We will not demand one full payment in advance of collection. The charges will be staggered to help you find your feet when you arrive.

And here's why it's a little better than the old methods:

  • The MoveCube® can be delivered to your door, positioned outside your garage, garden shed or front door, or even within a storage facility should you just wish to store your belongings Something like a large removals lorry or maritime container must remain on the road which can be a problem in many locations such as city centres where the parking is limited
  • One or more MoveCubes® can be delivered on one day or multiple days if required which means you don't have to hurriedly pack everything in one day. Other options require that you must be packed on the day the removals vehicle arrives with additional charges if you exceed the time it takes to pack
  • Only YOUR possessions are packed into a MoveCube®: Once it's packed, it's sealed - barring any unscheduled investigations by customs officials. Other shipping companies will just ship your items next to general cargo, whatever that may be!
  • A maritime container must be in the vicinity of the port of discharge as opposed to a MoveCube® which can be delivered directly to the door of your new address. There will be significant costs if the container needs to be relocated to another city that is well outside the port
  • With other removals companies, your consignment is often put into the hands of third parties. Seven Seas Worldwide has depots in the UK, Ireland and Australia, so you can be sure your items will be under our supervision from beginning to end
  • Full customs and quarantine clearance. This guarantees that there will be no hidden charges because Seven Seas Worldwide operates in both countries and consequently has first-hand knowledge as to the processes and costs of the procedures involved. (As with all shipments to Australia, there may be duty, taxes and cleaning charges to pay as a result of inspections by the authorities.)

Watch the MoveCube in action:

Why not see what we can do for you right now by getting a free quote within 30 seconds? Don't forget you'll also be entitled to a 5% discount in association with our friends at BBM. Alternatively you can speak to a member of our team over the phone - we're open 24/7!

"I have used Sevenseas multiple times for transporting goods from Australia to UK and UK to Australia, sometimes with multiple collection points. Always have been brilliant, no fuss and 100% secure. Goods have never been damaged. Pricing is highly competative and since using them the first time, I dont hesitate. Communications on progress of the shipments are excellent, courier services in both countries outstanding and the best bit is they manage all the customs paperwork. The occassional time I have needed to contact customer service I have been impressed. I am a traveller not a business but have relocated several times, I cannot recommend Sevenseas highly enough."

Annie Kenton, October 2016