Shipping to the USA

Shipping to the USA

Do you have the USA set in your sights? Planning an unforgettable vacation? Visiting on business? Whatever the situation, shipping to the USA with Seven Seas Worldwide would be a wise move. We operate a global network of depots and have several bases throughout the United States so wherever you want to go, we can get you there, door-to-door.

Shipping Excess Baggage to the USA: Step-by-Step Video

So why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for your shipping to the USA?

There are lots of reasons to ship to the USA with us but here are the top few:

  • We offer the lowest prices around
  • By leaving your belongings with us, you'll avoid airport baggage fees
  • We know a thing or two about sending goods abroad - we've been in the business over 20 years
  • We have depots throughout South Africa and the USA to handle deliveries and collections
  • We cover all major cities including from New York to Los Angeles
  • We wear fetching red uniforms

Interested? Get a free quote in just 30 seconds for shipping to the United States now and see how we can help.

International Shipping to the United States

We also provide a variety of services to make the journey smoother such as excess baggage shipping, shipping insurance and household removals to the USA.

Seven Seas Worldwide treat your items as if they belonged to us (don't worry, we will return them). We handle all items as safely and securely as possible. Whether it's just the one suitcase or the contents of an entire home, we'll ensure it gets shipped to the USA carefully from A to B and with a minimum of fuss.

Our team are ready to take you through the process whether you choose to send your items by air or sea. We've been shipping to the USA for two decades and have earned praise from holidaymakers, students, expats and business professionals alike. Get a totally free quote in just 30 seconds for shipping to the USA today and see how simple overseas shipping can be with Seven Seas Worldwide!

Things To Consider When Shipping To The USA

If you're shipping to the USA, you will need to bear in mind the strict rules and regulations imposed by US Customs. And there are a lot. Below is a brief rundown, although if you wish to obtain further information, you can get in touch with us by calling the team or sending an email.

First of all, here's a list of restricted items:

  • Meats, dairy produce and products of milling such as malt, starches and wheat gluten
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Raw hides (cut 'em out!) (get it?) (never mind)
  • Natural or cultured pearls and precious or semi-precious stones
  • Clocks and watches
  • Arms and ammunition

And here's a list of prohibited items:

  • Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
  • Fertilisers
  • Pyrotechnic products and matches
  • Live animals (as well as dead ones)
  •  Wood and articles of wood
  • Fine or coarse animal hair

If you want to get the ball rolling today shipping to the USA with Seven Seas Worldwide, get a free online quote in just 30 seconds or get in touch with Seven Seas Worldwide today on 0800 21 66 98 to find out how we can help you on your journey.

Customer Review

Edwina Welgemoed, April 2017
I would recommend Seven Seas anytime as your relocation agent.
"I would recommend Seven Seas anytime as your relocation agent since our experience was nothing less than awesome and professional. Everything arrived in the USA intact and the way I packed it. Great service, always kept me updated along the way and overall the best I have ever experienced from any company. Excellent service!!!!!"