Shipping to Singapore

Shipping to Singapore

Shipping to Singapore? Searching for an efficient and reliable excess luggage service to ship your items to Singapore? Good. Let us introduce ourselves. Whether you're flying across the world on business, moving abroad to start a new life or you're transferring to Singapore for university, why not ship to Singapore with Seven Seas Worldwide?

Send 2 Large Boxes (30kg each) from just $169

Shipping Excess Baggage to Singapore: Step-by-Step Video

Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for shipping to Singapore?

That's a reasonable question. Here are some answers:

  • We can ship commercial goods virtually anywhere in the world
  • We have 20 years' experience in moving goods via our global network of depots
  • Our personal service means we collect and deliver door-to-door
  • We cover all areas of Singapore

Get a free online quote in just 30 seconds for shipping to Singapore with our instant quote engine and see what we can do for you today.

International Shipping To Singapore

In addition, Seven Seas Worldwide also offers a variety of other services including worldwide shipping insurance and international money transfers. We can ship to Singapore by sea or air, so give us a call today on 1 877 817 7327 and we'll guide you through the process as simply as we can.

It doesn't matter what you need to move (or where you need to move it) - our international network can handle everything from unaccompanied baggage to household removals to Singapore and storage. All easy, simple and affordable. What more could you want?

Things To Consider When Shipping To Singapore

Please bear in mind when shipping to Singapore, there are certain restrictions in place so here's a quick rundown of the prohibited items:

  • Advertisements for talismans and charms (yes apparently so)
  • Butane gas lighters
  • Firearms
  • Coins and other currency
  • Jewellery and precious stones

And here's a list of restricted items:

  • Meats and fish
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Food basically, leave it at home
  • Pre-recorded cartridges and cassettes (should you still be living in 1977)
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • Poisons
  • Toy walkie-talkies (misunderstandings are bound to happen)

Have a chat with a member of our team on 1 877 817 7327 about our services today. We're here 24/7 and we're happy to help you ship to Singapore. Or get a free online quote in just 30 seconds right now!

Customer Review

M. Tan, April 2018
Good experience, if you are willing to endure the wait!
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Seven Seas, from the boxes being left at my doorstep to the friendly and knowledgeable staff who picked up the boxes for delivery. I had packed some glass items and they arrived no worse for wear. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does not need their items in a rush."