Mini Moves - Here for the Shorter Journeys

Baggage Mini Moves

Seven Seas Worldwide is here to act as mini movers for those moving personal items within the same country, town-to-town, city-to-city or state-to-state.

Seven Seas Worldwide are worldwide. That’s why we’re called Seven Seas Worldwide. We can ship your items around the globe, door-to-door, no fuss, no muss. We do it every day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for the smaller moves too.  We can transfer your personal belongings within the same country, the same city or the same neighbourhood if you wish. We call these ‘mini moves’.

Whether you’re a student moving to a new city to study or a holidaymaker travelling the length of the country with family, Seven Seas Worldwide’s mini movers can be there for you, transporting any luggage or personal items you may judge to be too large or too heavy to transport yourself. Hey, we can take it all if you want.

Talk to Our Mini Movers

We actually offer two flavours of this service - one for moving anywhere in the country and one for getting your stuff quickly across the same city. 

Our Nationwide Mini Moves offer mini removals designed for those moving within the same country, no matter what the distance - city to city, county to county or even between states. If you're moving from the deepest southern regions to the farthest north, we have a man, a van and a plan (well, and a woman, but that doesn't scan as well).

For City Moves, we offer the same service but within the same city; think of it like a cab service for your personal belongings. Dive into our online quote engine for more information about what we have to offer the short traveller (as in short distance, not personal height) as mini movers.