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Everything you need to know when storing or shipping your items globally

Storing your items domestically or shipping them across the globe is a complex business, so to help simplify the process we have provided a quick rundown of FAQs for students storing or sending items worldwide.


Student shipping FAQs

Yes, a deposit for your shipping will be charged at the time of booking, the deposit amount will be based on your overall shipping costs.

The first charge will be your deposit, which will be charged at the time of booking. The second (shipping) charge will be paid once we collect your shipment but before it is dispatched from us. The final (destination) charge will be paid once the shipment has arrived safely, is cleared by customs and is ready for delivery. 

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide offer two levels of insurance for your shipped items, our Basic insurance package insures your items against loss and our Premier package protects your items against loss, partial loss and damage, find out more here.

This varies from country to country but generally you will always need to upload a copy of your passport when shipping from the UK, in a number of countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, China and on occasion South Africa, Customs may request an original copy of your passport. Uniquely in Canada you nearly always need to present yourself in person at a Customs office, unless you provide a valid reason not to do so.

We collect your items from the entrance of your building or your front door. They are then routed through our global logistics network to your destination country. Once cleared through customs, we then deliver your items to the building entrance or front door of your destination address. 

Yes, we supply double wall chemically hardened cardboard boxes, along with bubble wrap, packing tape and a marker pen, all which ensures your items arrive safely in the destination country. 

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide operates its own business centres in China, Malaysia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. As we are spread across multiple time zones, we can assist you whatever time zone you are moving from or to. Seven Seas Worldwide have specialists who offer language support in Afrikaans, Cantonese, Mandarin and Thai as well as English.

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide offer a comprehensive Student Storage service tailored to the needs of students.

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide offer a nationwide service as well as an international service. 


Student storage FAQs

The storage deposit for students is AUD 150 +GST (AUD 165) , which is payable before you store your possessions with us. 

There is a minimum charge of AUD 150 +GST (AUD 165) for our Student Storage service.

You will be charged a deposit of AUD 150 +GST (AUD 165) when you book your storage. You will then be charged for the balance of your storage prior to collection of your items. If you store your items with us for longer than 26 weeks, you will be charged for an additional 4 weeks storage which will auto renew every 4 weeks thereafter, payment for this extra storage period will be charged at our standard rate (no student storage discount) and needs to be paid every 4 weeks.

Yes, students can store their belongings with us for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

Yes, our Student Storage service is only available for a maximum of 26 weeks, if your store your belongings for longer than 26 weeks, you will be invoiced for an extra 4 weeks storage which will auto renew every 4 weeks thereafter. Payment for this additional storage will need to be paid up front.

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide provides, packing tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and a marker pen with our Student Storage service.

Yes, Seven Seas Worldwide offer both Basic and Premier insurance packages, for your items whilst in storage.

Yes, as part of our Student Storage service, we collect your items and can deliver them back to an address that is within 50km (31.07 miles) of the original collection address for FREE.

Yes, as part of the Baggage Worldwide service we can deliver your possessions safely and securely to any destination both nationwide and worldwide.

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