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Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide?

Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built removals boxes and materials provided

Free storage

Enjoy 2 weeks of FREE storage service in your origin country

Delivery and collection

Pick your own dates for removal shipment delivery and collection

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted international home removals for over 25 years


We handle the quarantine and customs clearance process

An international removal company you can trust

Japan is an ancient yet modern country in the Far East of Asia. Expats flock yearly for the rich cultural heritage, efficient public transport and safe streets. Japan offers families, students and retirees the chance to live in a forward-thinking nation surrounded by stunning landscapes. So, why not start your relocation to Japan today by booking our international moving service?

With over 25 years of experience moving furniture and household belongings overseas, we simplify the removals process. Our expert team and multilingual customer service support you every step of the way.

International removals for more than 25 years

Affordable and simple, our overseas moving service using the MoveCube® removal container covers most cities in Japan and includes door-to-door delivery from Australia to Japan. Popular destinations include Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Keep reading for more unbeatable reasons to move your household goods with our international removals company:

  • Complimentary packing materials: with each MoveCube® order, you'll receive a free Starter Pack. Inside is a measuring tape, a box cutter knife, a marker pen, a roll of parcel tape, and a tape dispenser. Plus, three plastic floor sheets to work out how much can fit inside a Large, Medium or Small MoveCube® removals container.
  • Free storage service: arrive in Japan before your shipment with time to spare. Our removals services include two weeks of free storage in your origin country at one of our secure facilities.
  • No hidden removals fees: our quick free quote tool displays a transparent cost breakdown of your shipment's entire journey to Japan.
  • Pay for your removal in stages: we won't ask for the full balance upfront. Instead, you make two payments across your shipment's journey to Japan.


Couple using their tablet to plan their move to Australia


Our international moving service to Japan in 5 steps

Number one

Free online quick quote 
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised removals cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty shipping boxes or MoveCube® removals container, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll move your shipment to Japan.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't just take our word for it

Customers love our home removal service!


Overseas moves with the MoveCube®, our moving pod

After picking an alluring city in Japan to move to, it's time to pack up your personal effects and book a removals service. You can fill the MoveCube®, our dedicated moving container, with everything from furniture to washing machines. Please note: if you order multiple MoveCubes®, they may arrive on separate days.

Start with a free online quote and place a removals order. Then, pick a convenient date so we can conduct a site inspection at your home and hand over your free Starter Pack. Then, when you're ready, we'll bring as many MoveCubes® removals containers as needed to your door to be loaded by you within a designated time slot. Then, we'll take your moving crate to our nearest depot. Next, fill in your online documents, which include an inventory a list of every item inside the MoveCube®. Finally, we will ship your belongings to Japan. 

Worrying about your favourite household belongings as they move overseas is only natural. To ease some stress, consider one of our comprehensive insurance policies. Plus, you can monitor your shipment's worldwide location using our online tracker.


You can fill the MoveCube®, our dedicated removals container, with everything from furniture to washing machines.

See our MoveCube® removals container in action:


Are there multiple MoveCube® sizes?

The MoveCube® is a wooden shipping crate unique to our international moving company. It offers your home possessions complete protection during their long overseas trip to Japan. Three sizes are available to suit the size of your home: Large, Medium and Small (see below for dimensions). You can order more than one MoveCube® by contacting our friendly customer service team.

If you only have a handful of containers to move to Japan, save money via our boxes and bags shipping service.

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube® removals container*

Internal dimensions:
146cm/57 inches (W)
187cm/73 inches (H)
226cm/88 inches (D)

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube® removals container*

Internal dimensions:
111cm/43 inches (W)
187cm/73 inches (H)
146cm/57 inches (D)

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube® removals container*

Internal dimensions:
96cm/35 inches (W)
187cm/73 inches (H)
111cm/43 inches (D)

*Please note, the MoveCube® removals container is loaded from the side panel. 

FAQs about international moves to Japan

The cost of international removals varies depending on your circumstances. Factors include the size of your shipment and the exact location of your origin and destination countries. Grab a quick free quote now for a cost breakdown specific to your removal needs.

Used personal items and portable professional equipment are not subject to customs duties or tax. But, you must use your items during your stay in Japan and not sell them.

Please note, you must be present in Japan before your removals shipment arrives. 

Authorities in Japan restrict the entry of specific items to protect its citizens and the environment. Please check out our regularly updated Prohibited Goods page as you pack to avoid delays or charges.

After you've made a removals booking, log into your account and fill in the following:

  • An inventory listing all items inside the MoveCube® or MoveCubes®.
  • Scans of the shipment owner's valid passport picture and signature pages.
  • The shipment owner's destination address in Japan, email address, and phone number.
  • Optional insurance forms for a more stress-free removals experience.

Authorities in Japan will see these documents, so accuracy is essential. Our multilingual support team can answer questions and offer moving advice around the clock.

As one of the world's leading removal companies, we've thought of everything! Enjoy 2 weeks of complimentary storage at our nearest depot in your origin country.

If you would like additional storage for an affordable fee, let us know 24 hours or more before your MoveCube® loading day.

Like every nation, Japan has restrictions on specific items to protect its citizens and environment. Visit our Prohibited Goods page while you pack for the latest information.

How to pack the MoveCube® moving crate

Properly preparing your household furniture and personal items before moving them to Japan is essential. We recommend hiring a professional packing service for some added peace of mind. Otherwise, take your time and follow our 4 top tips below. For more packing advice, check out How to load a MoveCube® and How to pack our boxes.



Fully declutter:

Carefully choose which home belongings you'll need in Japan. After all, the less you move, the more affordable it will be.

eBay and Facebook Marketplace are handy resources for making extra cash to fund the removal. Take everything else to your local high street charity shop or recycling centre.


Take extra care with fragile items:

Seal your box with three layers of overlapping parcel tape. Use bubble wrap on everything and multiple layers for delicate things. Place heavy things at the bottom and lighter effects above.

Create space inside the MoveCube® removals container by disassembling your furniture, if possible. Then, wrap and cover everything with protective materials to prevent them from rubbing during long journeys.


Save us a parking spot:

Our driver must be able to park twenty metres or less from the entrance to your home. Purchase any necessary parking tickets or permits before your MoveCube® loading day.

Lighten the task of loading the MoveCube® by asking friends and family for help. You can borrow a trolley to help transfer containers. Our movers can offer advice but must keep the vehicle within eyesight.


Load the MoveCube® from the bottom:

Use the Starter Pack's floor sheets to work out how much can fit inside the MoveCube®. Build steadily from the bottom with your heaviest goods first, then lighter items and containers above them.

Fill gaps with solid containers. Avoid loose items, as they could easily break and cause damage to the rest of your shipment during the move to Japan.

We are so pleased with Seven Seas Worldwide's MoveCube®. Our MoveCube® was delivered and taken away on 28th Feb and arrived at our home on 2nd June - well within the 90-100 days quoted to us. Throughout the process, on both sides of the globe, customer service was outstanding, easily reachable and responsive via phone and email. No question was too small. I loved the tracking system. Thank you!



Relocation must-knows: our guide to Japan

Skyscraper in Tokyo, Japan


In Japanese culture, respect, harmony and quality time spent with family are valued highly. So, if you're hoping for a better work-life balance in a beautiful and peaceful country, you may have found your dream destination. But before you rush to the nearest airport and book a flight to Japan, read our essential facts to help with your move:

Types of visas: to qualify for a long-term Japanese visa, you must first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. If you are moving for work or study, your employer or school will complete it as your sponsor. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for full details.

Job opportunities: as one of the world's biggest economies, there are many employment opportunities for expats in Japan. English-speaking jobs do exist, but learning Japanese would be highly advantageous. Ever-popular positions for expats include IT, hospitality and engineering.

Healthcare: registering for a public insurance scheme at your local municipal office or city hall is compulsory for expats on long-term visas. There are two schemes: one for those in employment and one for students, retirees, the unemployed, etc.

Education: public primary and secondary school acceptance is based on location, and specifics vary from city to city. The most common method of entry in big cities such as Tokyo and Yokohama is by merit. High-ranking institutions include the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.

Lifestyle: Japanese people enjoy visiting serene gardens and lively festivals in their spare time. There is a deep love for pop culture pursuits such as anime, manga and video games. Outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, camping and canoeing are enjoyed by many.



Removals checklist for moving to Japan

Even though our international moving service makes shipping personal effects and furniture overseas easy, use our handy checklist to get ready for the big move itself:

  • Gather your paperwork: keep all your essential documents, such as ID, marriage certificates, and proof of address, handy for quick access.
  • Apply for a visa: conduct thorough research into which Japanese visa is best for your needs, then apply and await approval.
  • Arrange accommodation in Japan: sell or rent your home, then decide whether to buy or rent in Japan. Renting is an excellent opportunity to acclimatise before making a big decision like a home purchase.
  • Book a removals service: get an instant free quote on our website, then select a suitable date so we can bring however many MoveCubes® you need to your door.
  • Arrange travel: book flights to Japan ahead of your removals shipment so you can settle into your new home stress-free.
  • Sort your finances: inform your banks you're moving abroad and withdraw some Japanese yen to cover any last-minute purchases or emergencies.
  • Speak to a doctor: ask for a three-month supply of any medication you currently take. Doing so gives you time to arrange a new healthcare provider once in Japan.
  • Pet relocation: arrange all necessary vaccinations and buy a safe pet carrier. All cats and dogs entering Japan must be identifiable via microchip.
  • Have a declutter: think carefully about what you want to move to Japan. After all, the less you send, the cheaper it will be. Sell your excess belongings online or donate them to local charity shops.
  • Pack your removals shipment: thoroughly pack your belongings and place them in strong boxes. The night before your MoveCube® loading day, move all containers and items of furniture as close to your building's exit/entrance as possible.
  • Settle into your new home: after clearing customs, all that's left to do now is unload, unpack and start your exciting new life in Japan!